Coach Resort Sabrina... Thoughts?

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  1. As I was going through my purses and clothes today, I saw that my clothes are dull and the color of my purses are black and brown. I need color and instead of going out and buying colorful clothes I think a nice Coach on my arm would give me a little color.

    I really love the Resort Sabrina, LOVE the colors on the purse and the interior color. Just a little concern about the fabric. Does anyone have one? What do you ladies think?

    The only other color I would concern would be the Cherry or Magenta, though I don't know if they come in the small/med size.

    I appreciate any advise!!
  2. I can't comment on the resort bag, but I do believe both the cherry and magenta came in the small size. I believe the magenta is "sold out", and the cherry should still be available on Good luck!
  3. I have the resort Sabrina & the magenta Sabrina. I love the resort & plan on carrying it in the spring/summer months. I've carried it a couple times this winter (as I got it for x-mas) and the fabric is holding up fine. You can't even tell it's been used. It's a little busy though, I tend to just keep it simple & wear jeans & white, cream or gray with it. The magenta Sabrina is wonderful too, love her and would never part with her! HTH!
  4. I have the cherry sabrina and it definitely gives plainer outfits a pop of color =) And yes, it comes in the small.
    The only downside is the cherry's lining is kind of a plain tan and I believe the black and espresso ones have really bright colors inside?
  5. I think the resort print is pretty, but personally I'd prefer it in accessories. A cherry Sabrina would be a great pop of color and more timeless too.
  6. I am pretty sure that all three bags you mentioned came in the small size.
    Good luck locating them.
    The magenta Sabrinas should be outlet bound (if the outlets are ever allowed to sell them :cursing: *eyeroll*) and the resort one is on the next delete list.

    All are solid choices and will definately accomplish getting some color into your bag collection.