Coach Resale Values

  1. I'm thinking about selling four of my Coach bags seeing as how I'm no longer interested in them and want to fund a new LV bag. I was wondering what kind of resale value coach bags they hold their value well? I'm wondering because I'm curious about what I should change when I put mine up for sale. All of the bags are in really good shape by this I mean brand new and some actually are brand new (only carried once or twice) I was wondering if I should change full price for them or knock a few bucks off the price...or knock a whole lot off the price?
  2. I would search the bay and see what things are going for. It really depends on which purses they are. some are highly sought after and some are flooding eBay....
  3. Coach does not hold its value well, and with outlet prices and PCEs most will not be willing to pay any where near full price unless it's something rare.
  4. I would do a search for the bags you want to sell. I generally have gotten less than what I paid unless it was something that was sold out and hard to find on eBay.
  5. I think before anyone could advise you on this they might like to see some photos of what you have to offer and a brief description of each bag.
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    well i'm not going to sell on eBay i'm going to sell locally...two of mine are several years is the is a xx. shoulder bag (from several years ago), one is a xxx shoulder bag and the other bag isn't a coach bag so actually it's only three.
  7. ^^ Unfortunately you can't discuss bags you wish to sell here. Sorry, just don't want anyone to get into trouble.
  8. well i'm not selling them on ebay or anywhere online, i'm putting them in our local newspaper...i'm only asking because i'm curious to know how much i should sell my bags other words a fair 1 someone will actually buy it and 2 so i don't ask too much for something that isn't worth what i ask.
  9. well let me rephrase it, since it's two older they hold the value, increase, or go down in price? I can pretty well figure out what to ask for the new bag but with the older bags i don't know if maybe they are worth more seeing as how they are several years old...or if the vaule goes way down.
  10. I would do an ebay search, but since they are sig. and not highly sought after like some of the ahem, legacy pieces, the value would go down quite a bit. Just my .02. Your avatar- dress is so pretty!
  11. First, I just want to say be careful. You are not allowed to discuss purses you are planning on selling here on TPF. I know you are not advertising them for sale, but talking about them is seen as indirect advertising and therefore is not allowed. Just wanted to give you the heads up! Not trying to scold you or anything.

    To answer your question though, I would totally do what someone else already suggested: do a search on eBay and see what other sellers have listed the same bags for. Save some auctions too and watch them so you can see what the bags go for. That way you'll have a good idea of what the average selling price is. Good luck!
  12. Please don't list them as "brand new" because that means in all honestly a bag still with tags on it or maybe one who's tags were "snipped" but the bag was NEVER used.

    Even if you used it once or twice, it's still USED in some aspect of the word, so just describe them as excellent used condition (EUC). Honesty gets you a long way these days.
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    I think i'm just going to ask what i paid for them, if they don't sale i'll just drop the price.

    Thanks, the dress is my wedding dress...i ordered it in oct, and still waiting for it to arrive.

  14. well the one is going to be listed as new (not brand new) and the others will be listed as used but like new
  15. thanks for all the help everyone, problem solved. I'm just going to ask what i paid for the bags and go from there, i guess if they dont sell the first time i'll just relist them at a slightly lower price. I hate to pay to relist the bags but hopefully they sell the first time :smile: