Coach resale value?

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  1. hello ladies, i'm usually not on this thread but i need some help. i'm trying to sell two demi purses, crusher and wallet, and am not sure what the resale value on these bad boys are.

    one is the red wool signature demi purse with matching crusher. this set was a seasonal item and is no longer made. i hope someone on the forum knows what i'm talking about, eek.

    second is the classic black demi purse with matching small tri fold wallet.

    i would really appreciate some help. thank you so much girls. :shrugs:
  2. Im not sure. Maybe check eBay and see what they are going for on there?
  3. ^^^ I agree

    I usually look before I list just to see what they are selling for, not just listed at. If they are items that you aren't very worried about how much you want, you just want something then I suggest listing for 9.99 and let them go, no reserve. You may find that you get more this way. People are more likely to bid this way and you may end up with more in the long run. I listed my cotton Carly this way and got more than I paid for it.

    There was a cute polka dot top handle purse a few weeks ago that looked as if it was going to go for cheap and then got bid up to over $150 in the last couple hours.

    If they had listed it for $150 I bet no one would have even bid on it!

  4. Hi shorty0527
    this is a type of advertising. Your best bet is to check e-bays ened auctions for price comparison.
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