Coach coupons?

  1. Has any sent in a Coach bag for repair that Coach has not been able to fix? If so, did you receive a discount coupon for a future coach purchase?
  2. I read on the pf that they send you a coupon for 40% off at the full price stores. I'm not 100% sure though, I never sent in a bag for repair.
  3. I've never sent something in for repair, but when a close friend sent her wallet for repair, the determined that they couldn't repair it and she was given a voucher for the cost of the wallet. She used it to buy the current style closest to the one she had, the only difference was the clasp. So, basically, all she was out was sales tax.
  4. Yes, I worked there for 2 years. They will send it to Jacksonville for evaluation, and if it cannot be fixed you will receive a letter stating that you can take it into a full price store and will get 40% off the regular price of anything in the store.
  5. Does anyone know why a simple zipper replacement would be considered a non-reparable item? I just received a letter from Coach telling me they could not repair my relatively new bag. With the letter and my returned bag, I got the voucher thing and a catalogue encouraging me to get 40% off my next purchase. I'd prefer not to get the "employee" discount. I just want my bag fixed.

  6. If it is just a simple zipper repair. Try taking it to a local shoe repair place and I am sure they can either repair or replace it. It probably will cost under $20. And you still get 40% off your next bag. :yes:
  7. I had a thread up a day ago about my bag that was sent off for repair. I got a call that it can't be fixed, and I'm getting a voucher, for what I believe is full value.
  8. I also sent my Coach purse back for repair with $20 and they sent it back not repaired and no voucher. It was a simple strap repair! I'm so upset. 8 month old bag should not incur a strap tear and Coach should stand by their product. I won't buy their products anymore and you shouldn't either unless you have an extra $300 to buy a new bag every 6-8 months!:tdown:
  9. Yep...take it to a shoe repair place! Mine even replaces with YKK zippers and it's not even a special request! This way you'll have the bag you want repaired AND 40% OFF something to go with it! You could get a wallet/wristlet or cute FOB at a really great price! I think my shoe repair guy only charges abour $10-$15 MAX!!!
  10. Every issue I've had with sealant has NOT resulted in a 40% off letter but either FULL retail price or the estimated CURRENT value of the bag.

  11. Have you tried to call jax?...if it is a fairly new bag then I would be pretty peeved.
  12. How do they determine if you get the full value or just a 40% off coupon? It seems kind of random.
  13. Yes they will. I recently just sent out an older signature hobo for repair...They were unable to repair and sent me a letter for 40% off my next boutique purchase.
  14. How recent? I have talked to other people who had the same thing happen to them as did to me. Their customer is obviously not what it used to be. I advise others not to take a chance on whether or not Coach will fix it....JUST DON'T BUY COACH. Who wants to gamble if they will fix your $200-$300 bag?! Not me!!!!!!
  15. I would have accepted a voucher even but they didn't even do that! They're not what they used to be!!!!! Where has customer service gone? I heard Brighton repairs their bags. I gave a large Juicy also that I'm sure would be repaired. Dooney also.