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  1. Over the weekend I took one of my older bags to Coach for a repair, its about five years old, and is the Hamptons Weekend Reversible Tote. The bottom corner of the bag, became ripped, and the stitching split, so theres a big hole on the corner of the bag. The worker at coach first said that it would be easy to fix, then five minutes later said that they might not be able to fix it because its an older bag.

    Has anyone ever had stitching fixed from coach? Or are they just going to send my bag back without any repairs?? I posted something similiar to this on facebook, and coach replied that if they cant fix it they will try to track down the bag. But I dont understand how that is even possible since it is so old.

    The only reason I even care is it was my first coach purchase so I'm kind of attached to it. I dont carry it anymore, but I still want to keep it!
  2. We've had various reports on fixing and non-fixing occuring (or heck, even potentially fixable bags come back with the fix not completed and they claim they tried to fix something that WASn'T reported broken!)... it's kinda a hit or miss.

    If you want it back and it can't be repaired and you have them send it in, just be sure to tell them if it's unfix-able to send it back. Maybe a leather shop can fix it for you... or a seamstress that deals in tougher to repair materials.
  3. Typically, when an older (>2 years) is deemed "unfixable" they will send your bag back to you with a letter for 40% off your next item (only at the boutique, not the outlet). I brought a wallet to Coach for repair, and basically they told me that anything to do with seaming that they can sew, they can fix (which was my problem). I hope yours is fixable - but either way you will get your bag back because of its age... HTH!
  4. I hope so too! I was in there two weeks before with my boyfriends mom, she had a bag that the inside cellphone pocket was ripped, and the SA was so rude to her!! She told her there was nothing they could do about it ripping, that they don't repair anything to do with sewing. Then she went on to say that the leather on the bag was supposed to get a dirty look, and that it was a kind that was unable to come clean, maybe she shouldnt have placed in on anything at all!!!

    So I do not know what to think, seeing as one of the SA's said no sewing can be fixed, and the other one said yes, and then changed his answer to no.

    Also if my boyfriends moms bag couldnt be fixed why didnt they tell her to send it anyway so she could get the coupon??
  5. I have a friend who's Gigi's turn-clasp, on the front pocket, the screws fell out (and are missing) and the clasp fell off. Is this fixable? She e-mailed Coach and they said they didn't have a repair kit. What should she do....take it to the boutique?
  6. Good luck, I've never gotten anywhere with Coach repairs
  7. It would be odd if the repair it.. If a bag is damaged and older they normally send 40% letter or they send the bag back that they can not repair..

    You can take the bag to a local bag repair shop and they will do it for good price..

    As far as finding the bag, Ebay will have it eventually it is just a matter of time, I have seen tons of bags that are super onld on Ebay you can Check Bonanzle also (I prefer Bonanzle but the older stuff comes around on Ebay More).
  8. Coach said they would track one down, which is what i dont understand.

    I hope i didnt spend 20 for them to send the bag back and say they couldnt fix it. That would have been 20 dollars wasted!
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