Coach repair...

  1. How long does it normally take to get the bag back? and how likely is it to get the 20$ fee waived?

    I have an older bag that came out in 2001/2002 and i bought it brand new in 2007. When i started to use it the piping on the leather handle strap started to crack and now its falling off and chipping.

    Can they fix that? Now sure how you can without somehow stripping the piping off the leather strap and re dipping it in that rubbery piping. Does that make sense? If they cant fix it what happens? I really love this bag and it took me a very long time to find it.

    below is a sample of the bag but mine is burgundy with black C's

    Please advise before i go to my local Coach.
  2. i had a lining that started to come out of one of my coach bags and when i brought it to the store, they told me 4 weeks to fix it and you have to pay for shipping. i took my bag to the shoemaker and for $5 he fixed it that day.
  3. Mine is the rubbery piping along the leather strap. Not sure how they can fix that maybe re dip? or make a new strap? I'm worried that they wont send the bag back to me.
  4. I have never had that happen on Coach bags - I have only seen it do that on fakes. IDK... but It will probably take around a month. When I had mine repaired, that is about how long it took.
  5. I would send it in. They may send your bag back and give you a credit or money off
  6. If it is really bothering you I would send it in. If they can't fix it you will get a discount on your next purchase. My mom got 40% off when they could not fix her bag.
  7. well i had a friend that sent hers in to be repaired. she had only had the purse for about a month and the leather started to rip. after about a month and no word and her calling and being told that they couldn't locate her purse, she was finally told that the SA had sent her purse to the outlet mall and they had to give her a brand new purse. so i guess just be sure that the SA that you use knows what they are doing...if you chose to have it repaired
  8. I sent my '05 Holiday Patchwork Gallery Tote in for repair. They were not able to fix it. I did receive a full price credit. The process took about a month and they were very nice to deal with. When you accept the credit, you do not get your damaged bag back.
  9. the same (piping) thing happened to one of my bags. i paid 20 @ coach to have it sent to FL to be fixed. that included any repairs and return shipment. they were NOT able to fix it (didnt say why) BUT THEY SENT ME A LETTER ENTITLING ME TO :jammin:*********40 % off **********my next coach purchase. So, it was all good.....:jammin:
  10. ...and i got my bag back!
  11. Its not fake, its just been sitting around for 5yrs with no wear so when i got to it and started to break in the leather it was a bit stiff.

    I will send it in and make sure i take pictures of the bag and SA who sends it to have evidence. Even if i tried i doubt i be able to find this bag again. It took me 3yrs to locate one in this color. Thanks everyone!
  12. normally the fee waiver is for a bag less than a year old. You would have to show a receipt showing that you bought it in the last year to get that waived. Also they always say it takes 4-6 weeks.
  13. Make sure you tell them whether you want the bag back or not. The last time I sent something, I just got the letter.
  14. Yeah it normally takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks, and does cost $20 for shipping, sometimes when your bag is newer then they will waive those fees, but seeing as how your bag is from 2001 they probably wont. And when you do take it in tell them if they cant fix it you want the bag shipped back to you. Just in case. If you have any other questions let me know.