coach repair?

  1. has anyone ever sent there bag in for a repair?? I came home to find my coach luggage chewed up by my dog :sad:The closest thing that resembles it is the business carry-all and what she did is just chewed completely through one of the straps.:crybaby: I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with coach repairs? On the site it says it repairs natrual life of the product so would i have to pay additional fees in additional to the $20 of shipping and handling? thank you so much for any information anyone has in advance!
  2. I dont believe they will cover repairs if your dog did the damage. They will repair any Coach defect.
  3. if you take it to your Coach store they should be able to tel you if you can send it in or not. You still have to pay the $20 but it's worth it if they fix the bag or not you either get a fixed bag or a coupon for 40% or 50% off of another bag. I would take it in you never know what they might say...
  4. thanks so much for the replies!
    i guess im going to try my luck and bring it to the coach store and see what they have to say :wondering hopefully they can fix it!
  5. The spring clasp on one of my signature backpacks broke and I dropped it off at one of our Coach stores, paid $20 for the shipping, and it came back good as new. But a "wear and tear" defect is totally different from "my dog chewed it up"... good luck to you, though!
  6. I agree, it wouldn't be something they would repair as their defect, but it would certainly be cheaper to pay for a new handle if they could replace it, than to buy a new bag!
  7. The repair dept will not repair/replace a strap that was damaged by a pup :sad:
  8. Oh I am sorry to hear that your bag was damaged! I hope there is something that can be done to repair it.

    I have a repair dilemma as well... I have the black Hampton's multi tote (with the light blue accents from this summer) - I was using this as an everyday tote for my laptop and some paper work. The other day the leather tab that holds the "D" ring that clips to the shoulder strap broke. I took it in to my boutique and they sent it off for repair - but now I am not so sure I want it back... I need a larger bag for my laptop since it's a wide format but I am afraid the straps on this tote are not strong enough for everyday use.

    Is it at all possible to return a bag after use if you are not satisfied with it? This bag is in pristine condition (minus the broken tab of course and few scuffs on the very bottom) and even the SA at the Coach store couldn't believe I had actually used it every day... I have never had a problem with any of my bags before so I don't know what to do. If I keep the bag it will just sit in my closet... I really don't need another tote bag. I do need something sturdy enough for my laptop etc. though.

    Any suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated.

  9. [​IMG]\

    I have this backpack (Mercer collection) and my zipper is off the track. I love carrying it but I can't close it and I don't want any pick pocket folks lifting out stuff. Since this is an older bag would Coach fix this or do I need to find a good leather repair place to get the zipper replaced? :confused1: