Coach Repair Service??

  1. I have a blue suade coach purse that is 2 years old. I love it, however do not use it daily because it is suade. When I am not using it, I keep it in the closet in a cotten bag to protect it. I noticed a month or so ago that it is fading. Where the flap covers the purse it is a brighter blue and what is exposed is a lot more dull. I have taked to a customer service rep and she said to send it in and see what they will do. I was just wondering if anyone else has done this and what your experiences were.
  2. i have never thought to bring a bag in for fading. i just attribute a small amount of fading to time.
  3. Hmm...Never brought in a bag for fading. But I have brought in a bag to Coach to be repaired and they have excellent customer service. Coach sent me a new replacement bag, even though believe you me, that bag was on it's last legs. I offered to pay for their troubles but, the company representative wouldn't hear of it I guess it's all part of the Coach experience. As my brother would say, "Living the Coach lifestyle."

    Perhaps the company will do the same for you if you express any sort of dissatisfaction with their products. They really aim to please over there.
  4. That was nice of them to send you a new bag Salerno! I sent a coach bag to be fixed, but they weren't able to fix it. It wasn't in horrible condition or anything. The stitching on the handle was becoming undone, so the handle seem just a tad loose. It was a limited edition bag so maybe that's why. But they did give me a letter indicating I can get any bag for 40% off b/c they were unable to fix my bag.
  5. I brought a 2 month old tote for repair, they didn't charge me $20 because they said that I just got it not too long ago. They sent the tote to have it repair and a month later notified me that they couldn't fix the purse and gave me store credit. They basically gave me credit regular price plus the tax. I was very pleased. Coach has excellent customer service so you shouldn't worry they might just replace or repair it.