Coach repair question...

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  1. I just sent out one of my purses for repair and was wondering if the purse isn't able to be repaired will JAX contact me to let me know :confused1:
  2. I actually just got a call from the store where I left my bag to be repaired. They said JAX couldn't repair it and would be returning it within a few days. I appreciate the call, I'm just very disappointed they couldn't repair her.:crybaby:
  3. I have sent one off in the past and called and was told it was being repaired. I just sent off my denim carly (from last year) because it was fraying so I'm on pins and needles to see if I get $ or if it's going to be repaired.
  4. I sent my Ali in the first week of July. I haven't heard anything so I am assuming it's being fixed and returned... hopefully soon!