Coach Repair Problem

  1. Anyone have this problem:

    I sent away my bag for repair and paid $20 coach said it could not repair to coach standards and so they sent me a 40% off coupon. The coupon is good i really wanted the bag repaired should i call and complain and ask for my $20 back. I just want the bag repaired it dosen't have to be to coach standard.
  2. Did they return the bag to you along with the 40% off coupon letter?
  3. Yes they did but its a carryall tote bag for me to buy another one will be expensive.
  4. Would you consider taking it to a leather shop to see if they can repair it? How is it damaged?
  5. Hmm I have had 2 bags repaired through Coach.. both times the boutique waived the $20 fee without me even asking. Both times they also sent me a letter with credit to go buy something for the full price of the bag including tax. I was never even offered a coupon. One of the bags only had the stitches starting to come undone on the leather part. I thought for sure they could fix it no problem. I am sorry that happened to you.. maybe call Coach and ask, or you can get full credit to replace the same bag with a brand new one? HTH! :yes:
  6. I could not have said it better my self! :tup:
  7. fieldsinspring they weren't able to repair your bag so they sent u a credit to buy a new one? Was ur bag old mine is about 5 years old and not even sold in stores anymore i believe.
  8. I think giving you a coupon and the purse back is a good deal. No? You could have the bag repaired somewhere else.
  9. You could try and have it repaired somewhere else but there are some things they cannot repair. Bags have a lifetime guarantee but there is some normal wear and tear that is expected. They will either repair or replace items that are currently in the store or have been out in the past few years but after about four or five years I think they either repair of send it back to you. I'm not sure what their standards are but you can call and speak with someone who can give you more information on your particular bag.
  10. I think coach is becoming stingy and their customer care/service is declining ! Hope their quality doesn't do the same. I am loyal to this brand so it is disapointing to me. Sorry for the rant but they seem more popular than ever so I don't see how they are losing money but maybe they have expanded too much and their overhead is sucking up more of their profit margin. What is wrong with your bag ?
  11. I haven't sent in a purse that I recall, but this is what happened on two umbrellas.
  12. I would kill for a 40% coupon to get a XL Lily for only $720.

    OP- how bad was the damage to the original purse. Is it still wearable?
  13. lifetime is considered 5-7 years at Coach. That's what I was told. That's probably why they weren't able to fix it and sent her a 40% off.
  14. They probably should state that in writing somewhere. "Lifetime" doesn't imply 5-7 years to me or to a lot of people probably.
  15. here is Coach's guarantee

    natural life to them is probably 5-7 years. I imagine every bag at this point has issues, and that's normal wear and tear.