Coach related question for Coachies who are in the medical field

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  1. I take a cheap cotton tote with me to the hospital where I work. That way, I can just throw it in the washer every few weeks. I also take off my work shoes in the garage and my scrubs in the laundry room. I just don't feel right bringing all of my work germs into the carpeted areas of my home.
  2. This whole thread gives my germaphob self the willies! EEEK
  3. I'm currently not in the medical field and I am glad I am lucky that I can carry my Coach bags to work. Since I'm working all the time and have no life, my Coach bags 'are my life' in that they revive and renew me every time I see them. I store them in my locker and take them out only during lunch time, but I enjoy sneaking a peek from time to time when I need something from my locker.

    I used to work in a hospital setting and I stored my bag in the locker all day. Luckily, it was a crappy knapsack that I washed from time to time--this was my pre-Coach years.

    Take care,
  4. Years back when I was a medical social worker at the local trauma hospital I never did any of this...though I would have if I would have known any better...I was a fearless 22 y/o at the time and have since learned you can never be too careful :nogood:
  5. i carry my hampton weekend nylon tote to work. it's spill proof, waterproof, and that is my only work bag. i use other bags to go out.