Coach related question for Coachies who are in the medical field

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  1. Okay apparently I can't get this out of my head! About two weeks ago, I got on the elevator to go to my floor. I saw another nurse carrying a Heritage Stripe Tattersall Tote. I started thinking why would you bring a nice bag to work? Our facility does not exactly have nice lockers to put your belongings in. I know a lot of nurses who just leave their belongings at the nurses station. Why would you expose anything you carry back to your family with MRSA, VRE or C-diff? Maybe its just the mommy in me but my kiddos always go in my bag for something that is why I have a work bag and a everyday Coach bag. I try to keep everything separate. Am I the only who keeps my bags at home? Thanks for hearing me rant!
  2. Maybe that is her work bag and she has a different bag she uses for home and every day stuff.
  3. I would think that is why she has a heritage stripe is because it easily wipes off. :yes:
  4. I used to work for a pediatrician.. not in a hospital though.. I always took my bags to work.. not my super nice ones though. I am a mom too.. no one ever got sick from me taking my bags to work.
  5. The heritage stripe is very easy to clean. I imagine she just wipes it to clean so that would probably be the best bag to bring to her job.
  6. I understand what you mean. I totally have a work bag and an everyday bag. No way am I taking a nice bag into the hospital and then use it outside of work.
  7. I wouldnt take anything like that to work. Not for fear that i would bring something home,(i leave my bags behind the desk) but bc people at my job have "sticky" fingers.
  8. Yeah, sticky fingers are another reason I'd never bring a nice bag to work with me. Never had a problem with the place I've worked at, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
  9. i work in a hospital, but i am a therapist. my bag stays in a file cabinet in our office all day long. i rarely go into it and wash my hands at the end of the day before i grab it to take home. i think alot of nurses have lockers too. that's my hospital tho.
  10. I work in an outpatient heart clinic and keep my bag in the drawer/cabinet all day and have never had any problems. I don't work in the hospital though. My MIL is a Surg ICU RN and she always leaves her nice stuff at home.
  11. I'm not really in the medical field, but I am a chemist. When I worked in pharmaceutical research, I never ever carried a good bag to work, or wore really nice clothes/shoes either. I know what you mean, and actually people don't think about personal items like bags, pens, etc. At work people also used to carry lab notebooks in and out of lab and then set them down on the desks. Our AA had a bad reaction to a chemical (that had been spilled on a lab notebook) when she was trying to upload the pages into the electronic database, so I'm well aware of these types of issues. People have also gotten sick before from just putting their handbags in grocery carts, not thinking about bacteria from meat packages, etc....or putting them down on bathroom floors and then later on their kitchen countertops! I've never done anything like that with my bag, but I do try to be aware of stuff like this as much as possible. I'm also ultra anal about my good bags, clothes, shoes, etc... So yes, I totally agree I would definitely leave that stuff at home. It was nice when I started doing real estate on the side because that was the perfect venue for my designer items!
  12. I do carry everything to work but I am a psychiatrist.There is not much exposure to bodily fluids, or dirt in the nurses station i just keep it in the corner.
    Honestly here in NC everyone has a coach.I guess it is just not that special any more :sad:
  13. My mom is an Operating Room nurse and she brings her hamptons tote to work with her because it is easy to clean and she uses her nicer bags when she is not at work.
  14. I just bought a heritage stripe in berry just for work. I work in a preschool! And I figured this would be perfect for work.
  15. I work in labor and delivery as a nurse and bring whatever my newest love is to work. Right now it's my LV. I have thought about it before- the whole germ thing- but for some reason it doesn't bother me. It's kind of a joke on my unit cause my bags don't touch the ground (we're in a brand new unit and no locker room yet) so my bag is either on top of my backpack or in it's own chair :P I don't put it on the shelf where everyone else does cause once there was a "coffee incident" and I would have DIED if my bag had been ruined.
    I guess I try not to worry too much about it- I wash my hands and use sanitizer before touching anything else. Heck, the seat of my car probably has the most germs from sitting on it in my scrubs. I don't know how long those bacteria can live on dry surfaces either.