Coach related - Ebay seller question

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  1. I know you guys know of the honest Coach eBay sellers. I'm looking for some UGG boots and this eBay seller happens to sell alot of Coach stuff too. The eBay name is OneLittleBox, anyone have experience with them?
  2. yes... great to work with.

    here is another one

    [​IMG]bugeeco I've bought uggs from them.
  3. Yep!! No problems here!!:tup:
  4. Is their stuff new in the box? I won't be getting someone else's worn hassle?
  5. I've purchased shoes from OneLittleBox before and they were new in the box. I've had no problems with this seller.
  6. If an item description states "new in box" or "new with tags" then you can pretty much surmise it will be new. Unless of course you have a seller who is a liar and a cheater!
  7. Thanks! Just wanted to get opinions before I dove in :smile: