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  1. Thank you. She will be getting a warm bath today. There is also stitching than has come lose on the strap. I will try and sew that back on.

    I can not believe the nice leather smell that is still on this bag after all this time! She is a nice size.
  2. Ugh...that sucks! Fortunately, mine isn't an issue with any of the leather coming lose or disintegrating. The full loop is there and intact, it's just kind of stretched out - maybe the previous owner loaded the bag down a lot and put too much stress on the strap. I'd definitely recommend seeing if a cobbler can help with some reinforcement on yours! I'm going to try some leather adhesive to see if that will help reinforce and stiffen the loop up some to prevent it from stretching further - I'll let you know if it helps at all - otherwise, I may be making a trip to the leather repair shop myself to see if they have any suggestions.
  3. I know this is an age old question but I figured I would ask it here since we mostly rehab older bags. I have bags with creeds with the made in New York and the made in the United States stamped in it. Are there creeds with the Made in the USA stamped in it? Thanks
  4. Sorry, I meant Made in USA. Thanks again.
  5. I have a coach bag that has a sued bottom and corners and they look dirty is there any way to get them clean or at lest look better
    Thank you
    Here are some pics[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  6. Sorry the images did not work the first time
    Here are the photos
    image-2415426084.jpg image-3914278739.jpg image-1471972953.jpg image-709221157.jpg
  7. Yes. Hyacinth said she doesn't know when they changed from Made in the United States to Made in the USA.
  8. I used to have this bag! It is so cute! I would wash it. I don't think I would dunk but I would use soap and water. Suede is tricky, though. It will end up stiff. After you get it clean, you can brush it after it is dry to soften it back up.
  9. I have a Sued cleaner that I got so I think I will try that.
  10. I think this is the best place for my question. I just purchased one of the new Legacy duffle bags in violet. I would like to condition it with Leather CPR before I start using it. Do you guys know if I need to avoid the heat-stamped silver logo? I have no idea if the conditioner would harm or alter it in any way. Thank you in advance!
  11. Thanks for the info. I saw a bag online with that tag and wasn't completely convinced it was authentic.
  12. Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to give a brief update. The seller FINALLY responded and offered for me to send the bag back. I declined. After waiting almost 3 weeks for a response, I don't feel like going through the hassle. I will begin rehabbing this bag sometime soon and I will update you all on how it turns out. Quick question: what do you use to polish the brass hardware? Any recommendations? Also, is there a thread that talks about using acrylic paint to cover imperfections? I have seen several of you mention it, but no details were given as to how.

    Thanks everyone. I love the support and camaraderie of this forum! :smile:

  13. At this point I am not willing to spend any money on this bag. The interior was described as clean by the seller, but when it came, it was very obvious a ball point pen has exploded in there! I was going to have to pay the return shipping, which would have been more than I paid for the bag...the bag has turned into a nightmare. Luckily I only paid $21 with shipping for it. I will probably ask my cobbler about it when I take another bag in and see if he has any suggestions for a quick fix.
  14. I didn't have to do much to this bag but I wanted to share it anyway because I love it! Skinny Flight Bag from the 80's in burgundy. There is a big scratch on one side and the corners have lost some color. Blackrock isn't completely hiding these flaws.
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    Your grammercy travel bag (see link above) is gorgeous and it is too bad that this poor bag was so badly abused. I use Wenol in the red tube to shine hardware, I buy it on eBay. But other metal polishes like brasso and wright's (available at hardware stores) also do a good job. I use a lot of q-tips and soft rags to polish brass.

    The madison italian coach bags have brushed hardware but I believe that my gramercy zip had shiny hardware, does your bag have smooth, shiny hardware? I ask because I would avoid over-polishing a brushed metal finish, but if it has a shiny surface then I wouldn't worry about it.

    It's nice that your bag has the original hangtag because the Italitan grammery bags have an unusual brass hangtag that would be very hard to replace.

    I think that I already sent you the link for my grammercy zip rehab, correct? I had to give it a bath but it came out fine. If your travel bag were my bag I would also give it a bath. I would pull the lining out as far as possible and use mild soap, water and a soft cloth to scrub the bag and the suedecloth lining. Be sure and rinse well because you don't want any soap residue drying on the textured surface of the bag.

    Leave the lining pulled outside while it dries and you will have to massage it to soften it up after it's dry.

    There were one or two ink marks on the lining of my bag and I was able to lighten but not eliminate them. I gently scrubbed the areas with soap and water and I think I also dabbed them with rubbing alcohol, but I am not sure about that.

    Before your start thinking about paint you should wash it and see how it comes out. My grammercy zip had dirty, dull and damaged-looking areas but after washing and treating it was Leather Restorer & Conditioner by Leather Therapy, it looked great and most of the flaws just disappeared; I didn't have to use any paints.

    When you get to that point, post pics and someone here will be able to advise you about next steps and paints. Below is the link for my grammercy rehab in case you need it. Good luck!

    Here is a link for leather restorer & conditioner by leather therapy that I have used on all my italian coach bags. I buy it at a local tack shop:
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