Coach Registration

  1. I just got my coach purse today and went and registered it online with Coach. :yahoo: When I finished entering everything it asked me it said something to the effect of. Thank you for registering with coach your Coach bag is now registered.
    I can't remember exactly.
    If the bag and number were not real would it have told me something when I entered the regisration number?:upsidedown:
  2. Congrats on your new bag!!! Post pics! As for your question, I wouldn't know.
  3. In response to your question, i would say that if the system did not know the number you put in, it would of said "error" or something. Did you buy it at coach? looking forward to seeing pics!!!!:yes:
  4. Honestly, Registering isn't a big deal now a days. I haven't been with the company long enough to remember when you were told to register but now a days we tell customers they don't have to.
  5. I've never registered one before...
  6. I've registered then stopped cause it got to a point where I had to register one every few days (that was my Coach buying binge back in March or so).
  7. It's not really that I want to register it more of making sure it is an authentic coach purse (which I really hope it is because I love:heart: it).
    I am pretty sure it is real but just trying to cross my T's. It looks like good quality to me and the tag on the inside looks exactly like my other coach bag (which I know is authentic). It also came from a seller with 100% feedback. The bag came with the same little peices of fluff (little peices of paper things talking about the bag and such) and an authentic looking duster bag my other coach did.
    So I was just wondering if registering it with coach is any way to tell if the purse is authentic.
    If you have any advice on authenticating it please let me know.
  8. Your bag looks fine, but registering from won't say if it's real ofr not because people who make fakes copy registration numbers as well.

  9. Really? Maybe that explains why when I purchased a new Coach bag from the Fal 2006 collection, it did not have one of those registration cards in it. All of the other paperwork was there (what to do if needing repair, etc.) but the little card that you can mail back to register the bag was not.
  10. I never knew anything about it until reading it here... Is there a purpose? I got my bag at a department store; would I have problems if I needed anything?
  11. No, as long as it's authentic the Coach guarantee is there.
  12. I registered all my bags online until like 2 bags ago I was like screw it. And I think a Coach employee on here said they register them for you at check out. I don't know if that is true or not. As for it saying what it said when you completed your registration I think it always says that even if you didn't fill it all out or it was wrong creed or something. Everytime I filled it out online it felt like I was doing it for nothing.
  13. We don't technically "register" them for you, we do put you in the computer as a "Coach Customer" though but it doesn't say what you just purchased and stuff.

  14. I am trying to find the site where I can register my Coach purse, can someone send me the link.