Coach registration

  1. Has Coach discontinued registering their handbags? They used to supply the little card in every new bag, but after my last couple of purchases I am not finding the card anymore? Just Curious
  2. I looked in the new bags I just bought and no registration cards. I never understood why you had to register your bag ? anyone know why?
  3. I have never recieved one either. I thought it was weird, but, thought that b/c I was buying it from a dept. store (Hechts) that that was the reason why no card came with it. I then bought something from the reg. store not long after my Hechts purchase and no card came with that either.
  4. 2 words: junk mail

    I've never registered any of my Coach bags.
  5. they serve no purpose, as long as you purchased a bag from a dept store or any coach store (minus the outlet) they will do repairs regardless if you have your reciept or have it registered
  6. idk why you need to register but I recently bought a bag from Macys that came with the registration card, and I think you can register at the website as well
  7. I register mine on the website. I do it b/c it tells me to, just in cause something happenings you never know! LOL I get product updates, cataloges, & stuff like that when I register.
  8. I haven't seen it in any of the newer lines, but I picked up a Patricia's Legacy bag for my mum and there was a registration card in there--go figure.
  9. hubby just got a briefcase in May as a gift and it came with one. And the last time I shopped there in February/March they still had them. But like you said, I don't think they serve any purpose.
  10. I have never registered mine I just hold onto the receipt and tags and scream loudly if something happens to them!
  11. LOL!!! This is soooo true. lol. When you register, you end up getting tons of catalogs and such.
  12. Hey everyone! I am new to the whole "fake coach" vs. real coach thing and I just got my first Coach there anyway to tell if it is real or not? I got it at a Coach outlet and they told me that they are all came with the dustbag and serial number and little Coach keychain thing, but now I'm worried that its a fake...and I'd rather pay the extra $60 to get the real thing! Thanks in advance for any help!
  13. there was a thread about this before...all I ever got from registering was catalogs and e-mail solicitations.

  14. AS long as it is a coach factory outlet, it is real.
  15. if you buy from the coach outlet, you can breathe easy and be assured it is real. :yes: