Coach refill alternatives

  1. Hi ladies!

    I know we all :heart:our Coach planners, but sometimes Coach's refill options just doesn't work. So I was thinking that we should start a thread about any alternative inserts that will fit their agendas.

    So here's my issue..............

    I have a 6x8 planner that uses the spiral notebooks for inserts. I don't need a daily calender or address book (I'm using my small damier LV for that). I mostly use my large planner for taking notes in meetings and such so I would LOVE to find a spiral notebook that could fit my planner:tup:. Any ideas?

    I'm also looking for a pen that fits too! I know Coach will send my a replacement pen but mine NEVER stays in that loop so it usually ends up floating around somewhere in my purse:wtf: (which is a NO-NO!! I have a fear of ink stains).

    Any ideas regarding a pen would be appreciated as well... :p
  2. staples, or
  3. daytimer
  4. Daytimer has spiral notebooks?? I did not know. YAH!!!

    I knew they had the 6 ring binder inserts but the most recent planners by Coach only take the notebooks. Thanks ladies!!

    Now, let's talk pens...:gaucho: