Coach Reference Library now open!!!

  1. After a lot of hard work from Swanky Mama of Three- the Coach reference library is now open!!

    Browse around and let us know if we are missing anything!!!!!

    Coach is coming along beautifully so far... hope you all love the changes and let us know any input you have! :tup:
  2. Swanky posted a thread in the reference library- but I wanted to make sure everyone could see it!!

    Here is hers: LINK
  3. That's awesome!

    Thank you Swanky, for all of your hard work and efforts to learn about Coach, especially since it's not a brand you normally deal with. We really appreciate it! :smile:

    And thanks for letting us know it's open, Megs! Coach is coming along beautifully.
  4. Thanks Swanky! Cant wait to add my bags and goodies!
  5. Way to go Swanky!
  6. I know you all have tons of pics to post!!
  7. Thank you, Swanky.
    Awesome job!
  8. oh yea!!! Thanks for getting it open Megs and Vlad!!!

    :shame: You're right, I am not too familiar w/ Coach, hope it's okay in there!
  9. Thanks for all the hard work. I will start adding my stuff. I am kind of slow, but I already posted my sunglasses!!
  10. Thanks so much! This is going to be great :heart:
  11. The Reference Library looks great! Thanks for all the continued hard work!!:tup:
  12. can't wait to see it FULL!
  13. Thank you sooo much for doing this! This is awesome!!
  14. Thank you!!
  15. Looks great Swanky! I posted a couple of bags already! Where do we post if we have questions about something regarding the ref. library? For example, I have a suede embossed signature gallery tote but I have no idea where it belongs so where do I ask someone for help? Thank you!