Coach: Reed Krakoff on Fashion Police

  1. Did anyone see this episode on the Style Network? It looks new (they had Carly's in the background). They were talking to Reed Krakoff about designing Coach bags and they said Coach sales have nearly quadrupled since he's joined in 1999, taking in 2 billion dollars today. He says he looks at every stitch color and corrects everything and he was also the photographer in the last few campaigns because he's been next to the photographer for 15 years and he's clear on the idea they want to present. Yay for Coach in the spotlight! :yahoo:
  2. Cool.....gotta catch a re-run....
  3. I must watch that episode. YAY! for Coach.
  4. ooh, i wanna see that. yay for coach visibility. :yes:
  5. I watched this tonight! I had just viewed the new catalog posts online and then watched Fashion Police! A bunch of the bags that were shown were the new ones in the catalog! It was so cool seeing them there!
  6. Do you guysknow the episode name? I'm trying to search to tivo it....
  7. Oh I wish I had style network :sad:
  8. I only see episode #401 and #406. 406 is on quite a few more times this week. I don't know for sure that it's the one but I'd imagine it is. Think I'll watch again! :yes:
  9. I DVR that show and you can imagine my surprise and pleasure when I watched it this morning and saw they had a thing on Coach. I was also really happy when I saw all the new stuff they were showing during that segment. I loved the new colors for the Soho satchels and everything else. :smile:
  10. i didn't see that!!! way to go coach!
  11. Fashion Police was on again at 10:30 Pm (EST) on Friday, 2/16.
    I watched the Show and Reed Krakoff was on with the new Coach
    Bags. The Ergo and the New Canvas Slim Ali bag looked really nice.
  12. Dang! It was just on again. I couldn't get on fast enough. Hope no one missed it :sad:
  13. I missed it!
    I don't think I have the style network!
    I'll look at their website
  14. I don't have that channel ;-;
  15. Well here in Tampa (EST) it comes on 119 on Brighthouse. They repeat alot, so check the schedule.