Coach re-sale price

  1. I have a few small coach bags that I haven't touched in a few years, and know that I probably wont. They were my first bags and I purchased them in highschool so I stuck with smaller bags, and have since grown to love bags that I can fit the kitchen sink in.

    So my question is how much would I be able to sell these bags for? They were probably around the $200 range when new.

    I know the rule of thumb with some pre-owned things is to usually half the price and work around that number. Is this the same with purses.

    Also, there is a consignment store in the area that sells "pre-loved" designer bags. I know that they would sell these bags but they also take some of the profit. I know there's eBay, but I have never used eBay before.


    I will try to get some pictures of the bags for better opinions on the value of the bags.
  2. the best thing to do is look on eBay and see what they are selling for, and you can look up closed auctions for the last 30 days and see what they actually sell for, not just what people are asking. :yes: Ebay and paypal both charge fees.. as a seller it generally seems to be just under 10% of the selling price for ebay and paypal fees combined so I would compare that to what the consignment store will charge you. Good Luck! :yes:
  3. I would try searching for them on eBay to see if there is anything identical listed for sale. Then if you click the "completed listings" on the left side and hit search, you can see the prices of items that have recently sold (in green) or not sold (in red).
  4. Great minds think alike!! Fieldsinspring and I were posting at the same time!!
  5. I agree with the ebay idea. I bet people here could give you a good idea of what they're worth now too.
  6. I have sold a few of my old Coach bags on Craigs list. It is free to list and I like the fact I can meet the person and get the cash. I just meet them at the mall. I always suggest meeting at the Coach Store. They like that idea. That way they feel safer that it is real.