COACH RAOK sign-ups for SUMMER!


wake're alive
Sep 3, 2006
atlanta then anchorage in december!
okay guys! time for a new round of RAOK! :nuts:

for those of you who don't know, RAOK stands for random acts of kindness. each person gets a buddy to send little gifts to for the entire round. in return, someone else sends to you. the point is NOT to get "stuff". anyone who has participated before knows that ANY small item can cheer you up on a bad day.


1. this round of RAOK will last for part of june, july & august. you MUST send one gift per month. please do not wait until the very end to send all 3 or anything like that. if you have some problem, you owe it to your buddy to let me know, so i can find someone to help out. sending out one gift per month is a bare minimum. you can send out as much as you want, and spend as much as you want...but know you may not get that in return.

2. PLEASE post a picture when you receive your gifts. or, at the very least, please post saying you received it and what you got. this is for your buddy's peace of mind! we worry about shipping!

3. there is NO dollar limit on the gifts. it is completely up to you this time. please remember, it is the thought that counts. some of the most treasured gifts are always the ones that come from the heart- be creative, learn about your buddy, and everyone will be happy! please do not post if someone gets something that is more expensive than yours, etc. that is NOT the point of RAOK!!!

4. the person you are sending gifts to will not be the same person you are receiving gifts from (just like a secret santa)

5. you may choose to reveal yourself to the person at any time...some of us have a hard time keeping secrets, lol. :P

6. i will be personally going through everyone who wants to join. if you do not hear back from me within a few days, it's safe to say you probably should join in the next round. i would prefer you to have a few months on tpf and a minimum post count of 500- but if you don't meet that, it's still possible you can join. if that is you, please write an addendum on your email to me explaining why you want to join. this is NOT meant to be rude or exclude members, but to avoid problems from the last round.

7. if you have a problem, PLEASE do not mention it on tpf. please email me privately at so we can discuss it.

8. we will NOT be using elfster this time. i will have everybody's info and will be emailing questions/answers/etc.

9. i will start a new thread, once buddies are sent out, for a questionnaire for each buddy to answer. PLEASE make sure to find this thread when posted and answer!

Please EMAIL (NOT PM!!!) the following information to by 06/04

1. tPF name:
2. email address:
3. full postal address:
3. name you would like addressed on your package:
4. would you be willing to help if a buddy gets abandoned or if someone can't finish? basically, would you agree to help send a small gift to help someone else out?
6. if you were involved in the last RAOK, tell me who you sent to (and who sent to you, if you know):

buddies will be sent out as soon as i can after the deadline.