Coach RAOK Reveal!!!!

  1. I email swanky to get this stickied, so please post your RAOK reveals here from now on!!


    Use this thread to post what your lovely RAOK buddy sends you! If you've already posted pictures in your own thread, please repost here to keep everything together!

    Also, Thank you again to kallison :graucho: for setting this up! :smile:

  2. how come whenever i pm a mod, nobody ever answers? grr...

    thanks muchly sprinkles!
  3. great! here's a repost of what i got from my lovely raok buddy on friday, 2/23:

  4. Really ?? :s
  5. I recieved you PM and stuck this for you.
  6.'s weird- about every other time, i get a sticky or something...i thought nobody loved me! :crybaby:
  7. thank youuu!!!! :heart::heart:
  8. ooh yay!! I mailed my buddy's stuff out on Friday, they should be getting it next week! and I'm going outlet shopping tomorrow, yay! :biggrin:
  9. Glad we got a sticky!! Now I just need to get some suprises so I can post here! :happydance:

    added:I also shipped out my buddys 1st "big" gift friday so its on the way!!!
  10. i think my buddy should be gettin a gift monday or so.....:graucho:
  11. what is RAOK? Sorry for the new girl! :smile:
  12. I don't have pics, but as I stated in the earlier thread, my RAOK buddy got me a $15.00 giftcard to STARBUCKS!! I went yesterday and got myself a Venti Iced White Choc. Mocha and it was yummy!!! Thanks again to my buddy!!!
  13. Thanks sprinkles - xxoo & pinches to you !

  14. Roak is random acts of kindness we were given "secret pals" and we have to spoil them for about a month! It is FUN!!:graucho:
  15. oh yeah, thanks again to kallison for being raok queen and setting it all up, and sprinkles for getting this stickied!

    my buddy may have something nice coming her way... :graucho: