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  1. i'll pm a mod for a sticky. :P
  2. :yahoo: I mailed something out to my buddy today!!
  3. This is going to be sooooo exciting!!
  4. Hope to get something out to my buddy in the next day or so.....
  5. I bought a little something for my buddy today but will be sending out next week!!
  6. I will be shopping for me buddy this weekend and sending it out on Monday
  7. I went shopping Saturday and Sunday will be mailing something soon!!
  8. I'm having trouble deciding what to get first - LOL. But I think a little package later this week will go out.
  9. well my buddies first package went out today and i wouldn't be surprised if i get excited and send another next week! i definately went shoppinggggggggggg todayyyyyyyyy and not for meee.

    muahaha... :sneaky:
  10. I went shopping today and my buddy's package should go out soon!

  11. :crybaby:

    *curses busy summer*
  12. awww sprinkles! i'll be your buddy!
  13. i MUST get something by the end of this week and will mail asap.

    can't wait to see who is the first to reveal something ;)
  14. aww i want a buddy
  15. im so excited!!!!!