Coach RAOK Questionnaire

  1. i quickly wrote up this little survey so that everyone participating on raok can get ideas of what to get for their 'roak buddies'. so, anyone who's part of the raok exchange, fill this out and post it! :yes:

    i know elfster has an "ask a question" feature, but i figured this would be easier to have everything in one place.

    kallison, please let me know if you were planning on doing something else, or if you want me to take this down! just wanted to save you some work since you've been so great in organizing this. :heart:

    feel free to add anything you want!

    favorite colors:
    favorite scent (candle, home, etc.):
    favorite scent (perfume, lotion, etc.)
    favorite coach lines/prints (sig. stripe, scribble, optic, etc.):
    favorite foods:
    favorite stores (besides coach!):
    personal style (conservative, trendy, goth, etc.):
    favorite makeup brand:
    dream vacation spot:
    coffee or tea:
    books you've been wanting to buy/read:
    small coach accessories on your wishlist:
    age (age range, if you prefer):
    other fun facts:
  2. Color: pink, red, yellow
    scent: vanilla, fruity, Black Rasberry Vanilla @ bath&body, DKNY delicious
    coach lines: sig. stripe
    foods: chocolate, godiva, snickers, reeses, (you get it....)
    stores: is there anything besides coach? Macy's then!
    personal style: conservative
    makeup: mostly clinique
    dream vacation spot: grand canyon or yellowstone
    coffee: carribou coffee or starbuck's (especially their christmas blend!)
    tea: bigelow constant comment
    books: about 10 sitting on my nightstand! LOL!
    small accessories: watermelon charm when it comes out, khaki sig/gold trim beauty case
    age: 40
    occupation: stay-at-home, homeschooling mom & pastor's wife
    hobbies: reading, watching Lost and Survivor, reading to my kids, keeping a journal
    other fun facts: although I'm in SD, I love southern things as I was raised by southern parents so I love things that I typically can't get in SD like Duke's mayo, moon pies or RC cola!

    OK, hope this isn't too long!
  3. favorite colors: Black, Pink,White,Green
    favorite scent (candle, home, etc.): Cant have anything :sad:
    favorite scent (perfume, lotion, etc.) Juciey Coutre I break out from
    evrything else
    favorite coach lines/prints (sig. stripe, scribble, optic, etc.): Sig. Stripe and Scribble but anything will do
    favorite foods: Helth nut
    favorite stores (besides coach!): Macys and Nortstroms
    personal style (conservative, trendy, goth, etc.): Consetvative/trendy
    favorite makeup brand: Clinqiue
    dream vacation spot: Grece
    coffee or tea:Tea
    books you've been wanting to buy/read: any inserational
    small coach accessories on your wishlist:Coach Wristlet Black sig
    age (age range, if you prefer): 23
    occupation: College student
    hobbies:dance, Rading, Watching all CSI and NCSI Crimal Minds etc
    other fun facts: Just started out with Coach and I would Love more Items and I am Volteer in a Chuch for like 15 hours a week

    Elfster Wishlist :

    Coach- Any Medium purse have a lot to carry on a Daily BasisCoach Signature Stripe Tote or Mahogany stripe Large
    Coach Wristlet- Would Love in Black if not any color will do [/b][/b][/b]
  4. This is a great idea!

    favorite colors: green, blue and purple
    favorite scent (candle, home, etc.): anything yummy - vanilla is always good
    favorite scent (perfume, lotion, etc.): ck black or one (anything not too powdery)
    favorite coach lines/prints (sig. stripe, scribble, optic, etc.): legacy, very subtle sig items (not a big fan of khaki sig), metallics. I tend to not like scribble or lots of sig
    favorite foods: CHOCOLATE, tuna (but never together!)
    favorite stores (besides coach!): DSW, Macy's
    personal style (conservative, trendy, goth, etc.): I have no idea - I guess for my field, I'm more "fashion forward" than some, but I don't go out of my ways to follow trends- I wear what appeals to me
    favorite makeup brand: I don't really have one.
    dream vacation spot: Australia (but I'm not the best traveller)
    coffee or tea: coffee (flavored)
    books you've been wanting to buy/read: I have a ton of Chuck Pahlaniuk books that I need to get to
    small coach accessories on your wishlist: charms - I really love the signature flower, watermelon (when it comes out), love or lips charm, soho lilac mini skinny. Heck, I'll take anything cute from Coach!
    age (age range, if you prefer): will be 35 in May
    occupation: non-practicing attorney who teaches at a paraprofessional school
    hobbies: snow skiing (although haven't been able to for a couple of years now), reading (when there's - ha - time), watching Lost, 24, and Heroes (along with my craptacular reality shows)
    other fun facts: was born on my parent's 3rd anniversary.
  5. Favorite colors: I wear mostly black with a lot of neutrals.

    Favorite scent (candle, home, etc.): I prefer spice scents - nothing flowery or too perfumey.

    Favorite scent (perfume, lotion, etc.): I've worn Fendi for over 10 years and I really need something new!!

    Favorite coach lines/prints (sig. stripe, scribble, optic, etc.): My all-time favorite is the 65th Anniversary Legacy Collection and I also pretty much anything that's black leather.

    Favorite foods: I love Chinese and Mexican cuisines. My favorite foods are chocolate, crackers and breads.

    Favorite stores (besides coach!): I like Ann Taylor, Talbots, Macy's and pretty much any store that sells good quality petite clothing.

    Personal style (conservative, trendy, goth, etc.): I am very conservative and classic (a/k/a boring). :p

    Favorite makeup brand: Bobbi Brown!!

    Dream vacation spot: Pretty much anywhere warm with a beach!!

    Coffee or tea: I like both but I more of a plain coffee with cream drinker.

    Books you've been wanting to buy/read: I am not a huge reader. When I do "read" it's usually an audiobook. :shame:

    Small coach accessories on your wishlist: I've been lusting for a black embossed signature leather mini skinny.

    Age (age range, if you prefer): 34

    Occupation: I am a paralegal. However, I have been known to call myself the firm "garbage man" and/or "fire fighter." :s

    Hobbies: I am a huge animal lover (especially cats) and I volunteer at a local no-kill cat rescue center. I also love to shop (duh!?).

    Other fun facts: I can't think of anything right now. :p
  6. here's mine!

    favorite colors: pink, green
    favorite scent (candle, home, etc.): vanilla-like scents, buttercream (yankee candle), and the smell of fresh cotton (lol)
    favorite scent (perfume, lotion, etc.): juicy couture, burberry brit
    favorite coach lines/prints (sig. stripe, scribble, optic, etc.): sig. stripe (crimson, punch), legacy stripe
    favorite foods: italian food, chocolate, mangoes
    favorite stores (besides coach!): bloomie's, Nordstrom,
    personal style (conservative, trendy, goth, etc.): trendy, but not tacky (think brands/style), and i love classic pieces here and there
    favorite makeup brand: mac, dior, benefit
    dream vacation spot: eurotrip!
    coffee or tea: more of a coffee drinker (starbucks, baby!), but i love green tea
    books you've been wanting to buy/read: shopaholic & baby (sophie kinsella), anything by jodi picoult (just finished 'my sister's keeper), secret lives of men & women (frank warren), my secret (frank warren), don't sweat the small stuff series
    small coach accessories on your wishlist: coach charms! (clover, lips, watermelon), sig. stripe mini skinny in punch, a ponytail scarf
    age (age range, if you prefer): 19
    occupation: college sophomore, but taking the semester off to intern at a large corporation
    hobbies: shopping, tpf (yes, it's a hobby), getting into skiing (!!!), reading, photography
    other fun facts: i love the north face brand, which is awesome since i'm getting into skiing now! :yes: also, i am obsessed with spain (especially barcelona & seville) and am planning to live there next semester!
  7. favorite colors: green, purple.

    favorite scent (candle, home, etc.): vanilla, apple spice, rasberry.

    favorite scent (perfume, lotion, etc.) beautiful (estee lauder), romance (ralph lauren).

    favorite coach lines/prints (sig. stripe, scribble, optic, etc.): I love all the Legacy stuff. Not too much into the signature items. Scribble is okay. I love anything cute!

    favorite foods: I love Mexican & Italian food.

    favorite stores (besides coach!): Macy's, Sephora, The Buckle, Victoria's Secret.

    personal style (conservative, trendy, goth, etc.): I guess it would be conservative. I usually wear jeans, tshirts, shorts, sweats.

    favorite makeup brand: MAC.

    dream vacation spot: Ireland! I hate flying, but having an Irish hubby, it's one place we want to go. I actually think we might be going this fall.

    coffee or tea: French vanilla capuccino.

    books you've been wanting to buy/read: I love true crime books.

    small coach accessories on your wishlist: Monkey keyfob, any cell lanyard, hearts scarf.

    age (age range, if you prefer): Will be 35 in June.

    occupation: I am a stay at home mom to my 4 children. Two are actually in school, so I only have two home with me during the day! I used to work as an Employment Manager in Human Resources.

    hobbies: Reading, working in my gardens, shopping, watching t.v. , (American Idol, Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Real Housewives of O.C.), and spending time with my family.

    other fun facts: I'm a pretty boring person. I live in the country with my husband, four kids (14, 7, 5, & 4 yrs old), 2 dogs, and a cat.
    Oh, and after an ice storm a fews ago we found a baby squirrel who had fallen out of a tree. We named him "Rocky" and hand fed him & kept him inside until he was old enough to be let go outside. He lives out in one of our many trees and will still come up to us to eat peanuts! He'll come into the house for a few seconds, then runs back outside.
  8. OMG! I love Sephora too! Totally forgot about them!

    This is so fun! I'm loving reading about everyone, ROAK pal or not!

    And plzrck: That is so cute about 'rocky'! We did that once with baby rabbits! So cute!
  9. favorite colors: =orange 1st,yellow 2nd,red 3rd

    favorite scent (candle, home, etc.):= circle e candles (favorite scents are butterfly kisses,silver bells.- They have a website !

    favorite scent (perfume, lotion, etc.)- I have to many! fruity/floral notes, such as; be delicous,envy me, very sexy,happy heart,escape,mircale so magic. etc .

    favorite coach lines/prints (sig. stripe, scribble, optic, etc.):legacy

    favorite foods:sushi,japanese, & puerto rican & lots of good "wine" (yum)! Favorite resturants= cheesecake factory,the melting pot.

    favorite stores (besides coach!): i stay home alot because I'm disabled -eBay,amazon,,victoria secret .

    personal style (conservative, trendy, goth, etc.):"cha cha esque " style

    favorite makeup brand:lancome,clinque

    dream vacation spot:new york,amstredam,austrialia,

    coffee or tea:green tea (loose leaf), coffee too ( I'm a starbucks lover).

    books you've been wanting to buy/read:i have a large list on

    small coach accessories on your wishlist: a few charms.

    age (age range, if you prefer):34


    hobbies: The sound of salsa music ! oh yeah !

    other fun facts:[/quote] I'm an animal lover,I have 2 dogs 2 cats,I love me some good wine!
    I don't really like regular chocolate but i love "white chocolate". I'm hispanic (mexican) & I married my bestfriend (he's a puerto rican).

    Always remember,enjoy life with all the challenges & some good A** wine !

    Pride be proud,
    Cha Cha
  10. oh, duh, i forgot sephora and victoria's secret!

    i love getting to know about everyone, too! :smile:
  11. favorite colors: black, silver, brown, gray (boring I know)
    favorite scent (candle, home, etc.): B&B the new tropics line, tropical passionfruit, brown sugar fig, NO CINAMMON

    favorite scent (perfume, lotion, etc.) Ralph-Ralph Lauren, Coach (of course)
    favorite coach lines/prints (sig. stripe, scribble, optic, etc.): legacy is my true love right now but I like a little of the punch stripe, looking forward to summer though
    favorite foods: anything but bar-b-que
    favorite stores (besides coach!): Loft Ann Taylor, Macy's, Banana, J. Crew, Anthroplogie, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, anywhere with a good sale
    personal style (conservative, trendy, goth, etc.): conservative preppy with a little trendiness thrown in
    favorite makeup brand: clinique
    dream vacation spot: anywhere with a beach, sun, and stiff drinks!!
    coffee or tea: flavored anything!!! Diet Coke too.
    books you've been wanting to buy/read: I don't read books only glance at mags while at the gym.
    small coach accessories on your wishlist: flower charm, punch stripe medium beauty case, a new mini skinny in a fun color, SCARFS!!
    age (age range, if you prefer): 27
    occupation: Accountant
    hobbies: shopping, working out, driving, interior decorating
    other fun facts: nothing much
  12. favorite colors: Black (i'm generally always wearing a black top with jeans).

    favorite scent: Perfumes - MAC MV3, Fresh Sugar, DKNY delicious. Candles - Yankee Candle Cranberry Chutney.

    favorite coach lines/prints: I'm a sucker for limited edition leather bags, I only really love signature in accessories and small doses.

    favorite foods: french fries (the crunchier, the better), edamame, mangos, salad w/ feta, cucumbers & chicken with lemon/olive oil dressing, la shish, zingermans

    favorite stores: Lush, Neiman Marcus, Target, Barneys Co-Op, Anthropologie, Nordstrom,

    personal style: I would say trendy alternative, I love designer stuff and I'm into some trends but I'm a mix & matcher overall.

    favorite makeup brand: MAC, Nars

    dream vacation spot: Japan, I would love to travel though the country.

    coffee or tea: Venti Shaken Green Tea with Lemonade please!

    books you've been wanting to buy/read: Buy- Perks of being a wallflower, Brave new girl. (I had both, but for some reason are missing). Read- That Summer and Someone Like you by Sarah Dessen and also Why Girls are Weird and Why Mom's are Weird by Pamela Ribon.

    small coach accessories on your wishlist: None, I seriously have a ridiculous amount.

    age: 20

    occupation: need I answer? :graucho:

    hobbies: photography (I'm really big into lomography cameras right now and my polaroid camera),

    other fun facts:
    + I love magazines, i'm a total collector and I keep super olds ones to cut out things. I love Nylon, Vogue, Lucky, Teen Vogue, Seventeen & everything in between.

    + Favorite Candy - Dove milk chocolates, Cadbury mini eggs (not creme eggs, but the ones in the purple bag with the shell), any super sour candy, KEX (from ikea), Cinnamon Altoids covered w/ chocolate, Cinnamon hearts.
  13. favorite colors: Pinks, purples, blues
    favorite scent (candle, home, etc.): cinnamon, vanilla, florals
    favorite scent (perfume, lotion, etc.) same as above
    favorite coach lines/prints (sig. stripe, scribble, optic, etc.): signature anything, scribble, optic, sig stripe..
    favorite foods: pizza and dessert!
    favorite stores (besides coach!): Abercrombie and Fitch, Nordstrom, Hollister co, Macys
    personal style (conservative, trendy, goth, etc.): trendy and preppy
    favorite makeup brand: Bare Escentuals and Smashbox
    dream vacation spot: France
    coffee or tea: coffee
    books you've been wanting to buy/read: none at this time
    small coach accessories on your wishlist: the new stuff coming out in march, punch mini skinny.
    age (age range, if you prefer): 18-25
    occupation: Model and Sales Rep
    hobbies: modeling, shopping!, computer, baking,
    other fun facts: i love to bake and eat what i bake (even though i have to watch my weight) I love chocolate. Someday i may go into the makeup field, love makeup.
  14. favorite colors: !BLUE & GREY! I also like green, purple, and marigold.
    favorite scent (candle, home, etc.): !VANILLA & LAVENDER! fresh linens, fabric softener LOL.
    favorite scent (perfume, lotion, etc.) !BURBERRY LONDON & GAULTIER CLASSIQUE! I also LOVE laura mercier creme bruelle body wash.
    favorite coach lines/prints (sig. stripe, scribble, optic, etc.): !LEGACY & EMBOSSED! I also like the scarf.
    favorite foods: !ITALIAN all the way.
    favorite stores (besides coach!): !BLOOMINGDALES & VICTORIA'S SECRET!
    personal style (conservative, trendy, goth, etc.): !Laid back/sporty/casual!
    favorite makeup brand: !LAURA MERCIER! & CHANEL
    dream vacation spot: Nothing specific, I love to travel Europe in general, heading over there for two weeks late april/may for a wedding&reunion.
    coffee or tea: !HOT CHOCOLATE!
    books you've been wanting to buy/read: Oh man..theres a lot I want to get done, anything thats a good mystery or historical, its all good.
    small coach accessories on your wishlist: legacy striped folding umbrella. signature hearts oblong scarf. legacy leather wristlet. hamptons leather signature wallet.
    age (age range, if you prefer): 18-21
    occupation: Full time student/dental assistant.
    hobbies: Traveling, reading, running. I'm getting back into boxing.
    other fun facts: I dabble in writing.
  15. favorite colors: Pink, Blue, Red, Green, and Brown
    favorite scent (candle, home, etc.):I love the pumpkin spice and gingerbread secented candles
    favorite scent (perfume, lotion, etc.)Chanel Chance
    favorite coach lines/prints (sig. stripe, scribble, optic, etc.):Carly, Stripe, most Soho
    favorite foods:pretty much anything
    favorite stores (besides coach!):Sephora, bath and body works, bed bath and beyond, office max
    personal style (conservative, trendy, goth, etc.):Trendy, preppy, and sporty (not all at the same time though)
    favorite makeup brand:Mac and Dior Lipgloss
    dream vacation spot:not sure yet
    coffee or tea:coffee....addicted to starbucks
    books you've been wanting to buy/read:want to read a million little pieces
    small coach accessories on your wishlist:want the C charm, J charm, a brown wristlet (not sure what style yet)
    age (age range, if you prefer):21
    occupation:student, starting med school in august
    hobbies:working out (running and pilates), watching cheesey reality tv shows, and basically enjoying all tv
    other fun facts:i have a boston terrier named guinness who is a size small and loves squeaky toys...if i am on the phone she will squeak a toy constantly to get me off and once i am off the phone she will put her toy down and ignore me