Coach Rain Boots

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  1. So does Coach have any other rain boots besides the tattersol? I love the tattersol ones, but I would like maybe some Black or brown sig ones if possible? Like maybe macy's or Dillards has different styles? I really have never needed them.. I live in OK, and it barely rains, but we have gotten flooded the past few days and I would really like a pair of Coach rain boots!

    Plus I am going to Baltimore this weekend, and it's supposed to be raining! Might as well be cute when wet!
  2. i think the heritage rain boots are still out. they come in black signature or khaki signature with the horse and carriage logo. i saw them a week ago at my macys, along with the tattersall.
  3. TONS... I have the Tattersall ones and a pair of the green scarf print, and the blue scarf print.

    I can't fit the signature ones, they have a narrower opening and don't fit my calves.

    I am eyes the new pink scarf ones now and they are available at Coach. The blue ones I got in '07 and the green ones this past christmas, but they are still found at some dept stores.




  4. Must. Have. :drool:

    Anyone know the calf circumfrence on these? They have the tattersall and the scarf print ones here at Macys but I've never tried them on because I don't think they'd fit my calves, but for these, I would find a way to squeeze into them!
  5. I will measure my Tattersall ones.

    All of the ones above fit me, but the ones with signature didn't fit at all.
  6. THANKS!

    OOOH I am so excited gotta get me some!
  7. I have the signature ones (Paige) and the calf is VERY roomy. I'm about 5'8" & 140 lbs if that helps.

  8. Thanks!

  9. hey this is great! i was wondering what store these were at? the top pink scarf print ones. ive been trying to find out if those were real for the longest time! thanks:yahoo:
  10. Not sure what store the picture is from, but my Nordstrom carried them.
  11. LORD those are cute! I thought I was content with my Burberry ones... but NOT ANYMORE!!!!:nuts:
  12. That pic was taken at Macys.