Coach Rain Boots??

  1. Does anyone own a pair. I am thinking about getting a pair.
    What are your opinions on the Coach rain boots?

  2. I have three. They are FANTASTIC!!!!!!
  3. wow! just one person has an opinion on them.
    Thanks coachfreak. I wanted to know if they are comfy to wear? are they easy to put on and take off?do you just wear them when it rains?
  4. I don't think many have them. I live where it snows and these are priceless. Getting them off and on is not difficult, but I step on the back to pull my leg through so I don't have to touch the snow. THey are "comfy" but not like my Marian snow boots, those are just like tennis shoes, but I would NEVER wear them in deep rain or dirty snow.

    Here is my Christmas thread that has my Tattersall ones.
    I also have two pairs of scarf print ones (the blue from summer '06 and green spring '07).

    I usually tuck my pants in the top (not much room) or cuff my pants up. They are not very warm (imagine cold rubber in winter) but with double-socks bareable.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  5. i have the bubble fish rainboots from a few years ago. they are from the bubble fish resort line. they are adorable and i love them! i live in charlotte, NC where we don't get much rain or snow but i break mine out every chance i get. it finally rained/snowed/wintry mixed last week and i wore mine to work (carrying my work heels in a coach shopping bag with my hamptons carryall on my shoulder!!!) and every lady i work with was ooh-ing and aah-ing over them. most non-coachies don't know they're coach because they're not siggy print but those familiar with coach recognize the resort line bubble fish print. they are comfortable, not too heavy, and insanely cute! i would definitely recommend coach rain boots especially if it rains/snows where you live.
  6. I have a pair I bought two years ago - not sure of the name, but I love them. They are so comfortable and cute!

    And I'm not one to wear "signature" pieces...much preferring the leather purses to the sig's (just a personal preference) - but I wear my C's proudly on my rain boots!
  7. doesn't rain or snow enough here to own a pair. So I don't know anything about them.
  8. I have a pair and I love them! We live in the sometimes rainy and very snowy Northwest. Funny thing is they are very warm. Throw some socks on and that rubber part is very well insulated.

    You should have a pair :yes:
  9. I was thinking about getting a pair, but if I am out in the snow, I would not want to worry about ruining my boots. With the coach ones I would always be a little concerned with how the boots are holding up... I would be afraid of getting them too soaked.
  10. Thanks ladies. Its been pouring here all week long. All the rain is making me want to get a pair. I will check them out.
  11. OOOO, I like the green and tattersall paige ones too!
  12. I'm dying for a pair of Coach Tattersal rainboots but just had some concerns before I take the plunge..

    -how do they feel? are they comfortable?
    -since they are only made in whole sizes, did you find that you sized up or sized down?

    Thanks all!
  13. I just purchased a pair of Coach heritage stripe rainboots. I got them for $70 on sale, which I think is quite a bargain because they are current season...

    Anyways, (I am a guy), I usually wear a 10 and I tried on both a 9 and a 10. I noticed the the actual footsize between the two boots was extremely minimal, however, the leg width (?) was where the difference in size was. I ended up getting the 10's because jeans, ect. fit better in them.

    One thing I will say is that the boots smell awful at first because they're rubber. You should also fully inspect your boots before purchasing. The first pair I left with had some type of defect and had a bit of white chipping and gossy smudge.
  14. I don't have any rainboots but I think they look adorable. How do you guys wear them? I know that they go on your feet, :smile:, but do you wear them only in the rain or in the snow too? Do you take regular shoes to work with you?

    I'm just a midwest girl here and not all that into "fashion" persay, I just buy what I like, so I was curious how you guys wear your boots.

    I really think that they are cute!