Coach rain boots???

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  1. I mean it's may already... where are the rainboots??? only macys carries them or will the stores get them??
  2. Good question! Have you seen them on any website or just at the actual store? Will love to see them!
  3. I want a pair! :yes: Specifically a pair to match my Carly!
  4. I am in the market for some news one ESPICALLY with the weather out here right now...rain rain go away!

    I would LOVE a pair to match my carly!
  5. i saw some in macys... the khaki/red, khaki/blue and all black... but wondering if coach EVER sells it in the store?
  6. katrynar, did you see them at Macy's Herald Square?
    Please advise. If so I am going on Monday to check them out. thanks, Liz
  7. i know i haven't seen any. i saw like riding boots in khaki/punch the other day in bloomingdales, those were interesting.
  8. good question!
  9. I dont think i would wear them in the rain!!
  10. yep they were these [​IMG]

    also came with a blue instead of red, and all black... that matches carlys right... was 118 i beleive.. no rubber ones yet

  11. they had those last year and i didnt like them
  12. They seem a bit over the top for me but that is JMO
  13. I can't be 100% sure but I think I saw rubber rain boots at Macy's on Thursday night (in NJ). They looked like they had sort of a scarf print pattern to them but again, I'm not positive. I just noticed them in passing.
  14. i wonder if coach ever sold any rain boots