coach rain boots worth it?

  1. i need some rain boots, and came across these online..what do you think?
  2. I was tempted too when I saw them go up on the website. .I heard COACH shoes are worth it so I wouldnt think these would be an exception. If youre just looking for any designer rainboots though, Burberry has some!
  3. those are really cute! i have been debating them myself
  4. i have coach sandals from this past spring. and thy wouldget wet and everything and they didnt look 1 bit worn, their shoes hold up pretty good
  5. I loved their optical rainboots last season and would have gotten them too if I thought I really would use them lol. It just doesn't rain or snow often enough to really see the need to get them. But, if it did, I'd buy um in a heartbeat!
  6. Do rainboots make it to the outlets? I would love some for when I go back to NC, it rains and snows in my town like nobodys business! I saw a girl with some Burberry ones, so cute!
  7. I like those
  8. ^ Hey girl! Party still raging?

    What about these? Its made of the same fabric they use to make the purses. .is that a good idea? I'd be relunctant to wear them in the rain!


    They sure are pretty though :heart:3
  9. The only way shoes get to the outlet is if someone returns them directly to an outlet. Then they'll sell them off from there.
  10. I have the dot rainboots and love them...they are the perfect rainy day accessory and I get compliments all the time! I have about 7 pairs of Coach shoes and they are all in great condition. Coach shoes hold up great as long as you take care of them.
  11. yeah i dont thinki would wear the other ones, i not just because of the monogram but because of the material. thats why i like the scarf print, its more abstract.
  12. i don't think Coach shoes are comfortable at all

    in my experience there is no support or cushioning
  13. I love all my coach shoes. As for whether those canvas ones will hold up. Someone read from the site yesterday that the canvas is water and stain resistant so I guess they can be used in the rain. :shrugs: I like the scarf print pair better though.
  14. I love them!! The scarf like ones with the oversized Cs are my fav! They are soooo cute and adorable!
  15. I LOVE my coach shoes...all 4 pairs! I think they are all SUPER comfortable!