Coach Raffle!

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  1. Our new forum is up and running here!

    We now have a special Coach raffle. If you go register at our board and complete an offer under a conga line, you'll be entered! Info here!

    We've got another special promotion from if you're a member of our board you'll get an instant $100 cash (through paypal or check) instead of having to wait for approval! Go here for all the details. We've already had 2 girls get $100 into their bank accounts! **Remember to sign up under someone in the conga, and post who you signed up for when you have!

    Please give us some feedback and post with ANY questions you have! :biggrin:
  2. Spam? :blink:
  3. Yeah, I think so.
  4. Hmmm not spam... there are quite a few people who got free stuff like Louis Vuitton handbags, coach, and cash in their paypal accounts. I just want the forum to succeed :smile: that's all.