COACH quick tips

  1. Anything you've learned with your bags that you'd love to share?

    I've learned that baby wipes can clean anything, including expensive accessories!
    ** I rubbed black gel pen ink on my gold lurex mini skinny (after I had it for one day!!!), then smeared it...I figured I'd try a baby wipe & thank god it worked!!!
    I've also learned to wash my hands after I scribble on them! (the root of said previous lesson)
    Also, I take my bag off my shoulder & hold it in front of me if I'm close to walls or cars
  2. no one has anything??
  3. I like the "hold my handbag when going past cars". I do that as well. Especially living in NY, after it snows, all the cars are covered with road salt!!!! Ok, so I keep my handbag on the shelf of our closet. I'm always paranoid about leaving it out where it can get in the way of spilled milk and magic markers!
  4. My bag never touches the floor, NEVER! When I think of all of the nasty things that my bag could pick up, I cringe. And since I'm a nurse, I never take it to the hospital with me, for the same fear of those nasty germs. I always use a nylon bag that I can throw in the washer every few weeks. I'm a bit of a germ freak, but what can I say!:nuts:

    I also never set it in a shopping cart. A few years ago, someone tried to take my bag out of the cart when I turned around to look at something(luckily I still had my hand through the strap so they couldn't get it) so now it always stays on my shoulder. I guess that's just a general tip for all bags, not just Coach.
  5. i've read somewhere else on this forum that they snapped their bag into the seat, like a child..i do that or keep it on my shoulder..
  6. Keep those pens away from my purse! Yes, we have great behavior modification when carrying a Coach. I try very hard not to set it down anywhere, if I do, I place something under it. I try to handle my purse with the pads of my fingers instead of digging into the leather with my fingernails, don't carry keys in my hand along with the strap of the bag.
  7. When I go to pay for something at a cash register, there is ALWAYS a pen laying I move the pen close to the cashier and say "I just dont want any ink marks on my merchandise" but I REALLY mean my COACH BAG!!!!!!!!!!! :graucho:
  8. I try to make sure other people don't touch my purses because I am a germ freak (but really I am afraid they will get my purse dirty) and if I have to take my purse to a public restroom...I remember megenlovescoach demo on how to but your purse over your head.:yes:
  9. HAHA!! some people don't hold purses to the same value at us Coach lovers!

  10. i guess i need to learn this too!

  11. i've been doing this too... I open my bag wider instead of just trying to shove it in
  12. i do the same thing. it slows me down while checking out at the grocery store, but oh, well. :biggrin:
  13. Not so much about Coach, but baby wipes will clean practically anything, in my experience! Ever since I had my kids, and they're long since out of diapers, I keep a tub of wipes in the house and one in the car as well. Seriously, they will take stains out of anything! LOL.

    My kids know not to touch my Coach, as does my husband. I just obsessively protect all my bags, and in the rain, I tend to switch to a throw-around Vera Bradley or something like that.