coach question...

  1. hey everybody! i hope you all had a happy new year!
    on to my question...
    there is a coach store at a mall close to where i go to school.
    i want to put an application in there.
    do coach employees get paid decently & do they get an employee discount?
  2. at the coach near me, you need to be able to work at least 4 shifts a week. i don't know what the pay is, but you get a great discount (50%). if i worked there all i'd take home is bags- no money!
  3. yeah, that would be awesome.
    thanks for your help!
    even if i got paid like $6.00 an hour it would be worth it!
  4. Shoot, I should work at Coach. Nuts the closest one is the outlet in Leesburg....but it is just as well because they would have me putting bags out and I would probebly put one out and save 2 back for me, and one out and 2 back for me etc etc! hahaha.

    Maybe I need to find friends who work at Coach....I could use that 50% discount for a certain bag:love: for school....
  5. When I worked at Coach I got $14.00 a hour and the discount when I started and they give very good bonuses and raises throughout the year.
  6. $14? Were you like a keyholder or some kind of manager? Usually people in retail don't get paid anywhere near $14. It's usually minimum wage.
  7. No I was a full time sales associate. My manager wanted me to become one of the assistant managers and I think that is why she started me so high. But i couldn't be an assistant because that would have caused me to not go to school full time.
  8. wow! $14.00 an hour. lucky lady! :biggrin: