COACH question.

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  1. Will this ever make it to the outlets you think?


    I also noticed the Legacy Straw Hobo is no longer on the website. Did that sell out or have some been sent to the outlets?
    legacy straw.jpg
  2. Maybe, but I don't think so. It looks like one of the bags everyone wants...the ones I never see in an outlet.
  3. Thats true. I was thinking maybe the signature one is just one of those bags they just keep restocking.

    Also, the Calfskin Daphne has disappeared from the website as well! Where did that go? Anyone?
    5709_B4CA_d2.jpg 5709_B4CO_d2.jpg 5709_B4WT_d2.jpg
  4. When they run out of stock at their distribution center, they pull the item off the website. You may still be able to find it at a store - you can search on the website or call your local shops.

    As for the two bags in the original question, I highly doubt they will hit the outlets anytime soon - if they are still popular, there's no reason to discount them. It may be a couple of years.
  5. LOL funny u should ask that question, as I am about to hop in the shower to get ready for a job interview at Coach:smile: I think that they still have 100 of the brown Daphne's in their distribution center (as of Tuesday)...if there are none on the website, your best bet is to just call all of the stores in your area that you would be willing to drive to. I love the Daphne and am thinking of getting it as well...however, without the employee discount, I think that roughly $700 for a Coach bag is pushing it when they are made in China. (Just my opinion...they are still a gorgeous bag).

    Regarding the other pocket satchel that you were asking about, I doubt that it will make it to the outlets anytime someone mentioned previously, it is a very hot bag:smile:
  6. Thank you ladies! [sigh] I thought about as much. Darn.
  7. it's not often that u will find signatures in outlets
  8. just keep checking! i got that one but in the white and brown from the outlet a couple of months ago for half off...
  9. good luck V!
  10. Good luck, let us know how the interview goes. If I worked for Coach, I might not have a paycheck to bring home, LOL! :biggrin:

  11. I've read here from other posters that the only outlet which regularly carries signature items is in Las Vegas. I've found the occasional signature accessory -- never an actual bag -- in the Coach outlets I've visited over the years. In the Leesburg VA outlet, they currently have last year's straw tote and the more recent satin versions of the small and large pocket satchel (and matching large pocket wristlets).

    The even more recent zebra canvas totes are there, too, and I'm not surprised by that because IMHO they are UGLY! LOL
  12. I know ebay is scary...but I've been able to get two gorgeous authentic coach signatures in that khaki and brown color recently. I think that coach is the easiest brand to judge as to whether or not it's fake as long as there are enough pictures. You can tell by the sheen on the fabric, the precise spacing of the "c's", the zip pulls, the creed, etc. Plus, for recent items, you can do a direct comparison with the website. Coach is actually the ONLY brand that I feel really confident buying on ebay. I can't recognize "fakery" as easily with most other brands -- I've been duped TWICE w/ Gucci, which scared me off of ebay for awhile.

    Anyway, it's worth a shot. If you post it in the authenticity thread b/f bidding we could all check it out:smile:

    ps. I LOVE the legacy straw hobo. I want it. But I shouldn't buy it. Maybe I'm glad it's disappeared!
  13. Jane Anne- I got the job!! Yay!! It is just a part time job, as I just graduated with my bachelor's degree and am now completing my paralegal certification, but I thought Coach would be a fun place to work at. LOL I am worried that I am going to spend all of my paycheck there:smile:
  14. ahhh I loveeee that first bag, the signature large pocket satchel :smile: Im going to the outlets nearest my on Monday, and hoping to run into some good ones at the coach outlet :smile: I doubt I'd be so lucky as to find that one, but, one can hope! :smile:
  15. Unfortunately I doubt these will ever see an outlet. Have you seen the new patchwork bags? There are so many types and they are gorgeous! I love the patch satchel. It too bad they are getting so expensive! A speedy isn't much more!
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