Coach Question - Hamptons Weekend

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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first ever post on this forum :biggrin:

    I was recently on a holiday in Hawaii and purchased a Coach Hamptons Weekend tote at a Coach outlet. I'm in love with it and although I know it's old stock I'm not sure what season it's from. I'm wondering if any of you could enlighten me?

    The bag is a black hamptons weekend with blue accents. It also came in other colours such as khaki, lime, blue, white with pink accents etc.

    I've decided I would like to get some little matching accessories for it, and have found just the wristlet and a pencil case/cosmetic case that match.

    If I know what season and year the range was it would really help me to find out what other accessories were available.

    TIA :smile:
  2. Hard to tell without pictures, but I think that it was summer of 2004.

    However, they did make some color combinations for the factory store only, so it may be one of those....
  3. Yeah, pictures would help...

    Is the canvas on the straps black? Or is it brown?
  4. Anyone able to help???
  5. Did you buy it at a store or an outlet?
  6. Can you tell me the last 4 numbers/letters on the serial code inside the bag?
  7. I bought it at the outlet in Waikele in Hawaii a week ago :smile: I live in Sydney and we only have one full price Coach store here - so I was very excited to find an outlet while I was there!
  8. Cool! What is the serial code?
  9. Yes! That's them :smile: I'm watching a few on ebay and have found the matching wristlet and pencil/cosmetic case styles. I'd love to know what other bits and pieces came in that range!

    Any idea of what year & season the range is?
  10. Couldn't have been too long ago if it is still in the outlets. I would say last summer or spring?

    Anyone else remember?
  11. If the tote's handles are brown on the outside, it's from Summer 2004.

    If the tote's handles are black on the outside, it's from Summer 2005.

    Hope this helps...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.