Coach Python: Yay or Nay?


Do you like the Coach python collection?

  1. Yes. I own a peice!

  2. I like it

  3. yeah, but I live in California

  4. On the fence

  5. Hate it

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  1. I know it's been around since last fall, but I'm still in love :love: with the python trinkets from Coach. I haven't gotten anything (boo no python in California :mad: ) but I want one soooo bad. What do you think of the python collection? I pictured all the ones on thier website, but I think there used to bags with python trim too.

    1. Grommet bracelet $148
    2. Turnlock bracelet $178
    3. jotter notepad $198
    4. iPod mini case $178
    5. iPod case $198
    Coach grommet.jpg python turnlock.jpg pyhton lotter.jpg pyhton mini.jpg pyhton ipod.jpg
  2. I understand how other people can like python but I'm extremely scared of snakes. I could not bring myself to wear a snake skin accessory.
  3. I like it. It looks good.
  4. I love Coach to death, but I dont like anything snake/croc skin. Nay for me definitely.
  5. Ditto, plus Im scared to death of snakes, I dont want them near me dead or alive:Push:

    But if YOU like it, go for it! It looks great, It just alerts a fear in me.
  6. I love it! I wish they had an ipod nano case but I love the turnlock for CA.
  7. Yuck. I don't like a thing exotic though. I've always thought it to be kinda tacky anyways.
  8. I ADORE the turnlock bracelet!
  9. I like the bracelets but probably wouldn't pay the $$ for them.
  10. I wanted to pick up one of those bracelets when I was in Vegas this weekend but they didnt have any!!! I was sad.
  11. I saw a really nice Coach python bag in the Bazaar with Jen Anniston on the cover. It is in the section where celebs tell what they want this year and Mandy Moore says she wants that new bag. It retails for $2500.
  12. I'm not sure if this helps, but the new patchwork totes from Coach have a python patch on it that is faux, so CA can sell it.:smile:
  13. Ya, I saw that patchwork line and the SA told me the python patch was a faux just so they can sell it here in CA. :mad: So does that mean if I buy the same bag from another state, that little python patch will actually be made of python? :huh:
  14. No, it's faux everywhere.
  15. I like it.