Coach Purse Pics as Art!

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  1. tPf members bags as art
    There's a fun thread going on in the Bags, Bags, Bags >>Handbags & Purses Subforum. I'm taking my bags out tomorrow for a little photo shoot! :smile:
    Can't figure out how to link the thread. It's been hanging out near the top so shouldn't be too hard to find.
  2. ^^^Thanks TygerKitty! I think it's a great thread!
  3. I never seem to have cool photographs of my bags but these are my favorite pictures of some accessories.. the sun was just starting to set and it made some cool shadows during my photo shoot!

    No problem patchwork! I love that thread too, some of those pictures are stunning!

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  4. Nice! Very dramatic with the lighting. :smile:
  5. Rapunzel should post her modeling pictures of her cherry Sabrina there!
  6. ^^^Great idea! :tup:
  7. And I know taralindsey has some awesome photos out there too! :graucho:
  8. taralindsey, pics please! :smile:
  9. These ones!

  10. Those are awesome!
  11. [​IMG]

    This one totally reminds me of the No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom album cover (see attached)

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  12. I have a few of detail shots from my first two bags:

    127015332308_0_ALB1-1[1].jpg 440535332308_0_ALB1-1[1].jpg 576025332308_0_ALB1-1[1].jpg 579015332308_0_ALB1-1[1].jpg
  13. I love the shots by Rapunzel, so adorable and such a peaceful setting!
  14. J Fisk you and your bag look amazing!