Coach purse lovers, need your advice please!

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  1. Hi! If you have a new Coach catalog, the bag I am lusting after is on page 36. Signature patchwork shoulder tote in indigo, $398.

    Here is a link for an ebay auction where someone is going to pay way over retail, but this will show you what the bag looks like:

    I have always adored blue, and I love Coach bags. You don't see much Coach with these colors.

    The catalog says avail. in June, but I called Coach today, and it is in stock now. They are offering free shipping at this week for Mother's day.

    I could buy this bag (which I don't need at all) :rolleyes: and not go into debt. My problem is it's 11x11x5. I wish for that money it had at least an outside zipper pocket or a divided inside.

    So if you're still reading this long winded post do any of you ladies have this silhouette in Coach? They make quite a few bags in this style and size. Does it feel large, that's what I want, a medium size roomy bag.

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :greengrin: :heart:
  2. Jane Ann,

    I am also lusting after that bag! Or it's cousin with the double straps! It looks like a lovely bag. I have a Soho tote which is the same sort of dimensions, but I tend to keep the smaller items in the two inner side pockets and the inner zip pocket, so I dont' worry about losing things inside the larger totes. In another thread someone talked about keeping their things in small pouches and then having the pouches in the large compartment.

    The other bag with the double shoulder straps is item 10004 - in the same catalogue a page or two before that shoulder tote and I think it has outer side pockets, but with two straps, not the single shoulder strap. I wish they were up on the website already!!

    If you get it, please, please post pictures and opinions of it!

    I wish you well,

  3. Hi Bridget! My problem with the other bag you're looking at is I don't think the straps are long enough to really be carried over the shoulder.

    Actually, I'm thinking you're looking at the signature patchwork tote, but it's item #10002, $428. Now I'm really confused, normal for me, LOL!
  4. I like some of what Coach puts out, so I'm not a total hater, but I've just never really liked any of the patchwork bags.
  5. I don't have that bag...but I will say that I've noticed that coach always lists its measurements by measuring the very longest or widest point on the purse. So if it says 11 inches, that is exactly how wide it will be at the very tippy top, including trim.

    It certainly is a gorgeous bag...but I wouldn't expect a "tote." It looks like more of a purse.
  6. I have a Coach tote I bought in the outlet that once you use for school you don't need a divider and the inside pockets are split up enough that it is user friendly IMO
  7. I don't have it, but I've seen a lot of people with that style around here and it can definately go over your shoulder. I love the shape! The colors are awesome too.
  8. Well, I went to Dillards dept. store today. It's the only store in my city that carries Coach.

    I looked at that style, of course they didn't have the new blue patchwork.

    The purse closes with a dogleash closure only. Doesn't seem very secure for the $$. It does seem like a very roomy bag, and the inside zipper pocket runs the whole length of the purse and is very large.

    I've been driving myself nuts trying to decide if I should get this bag. I am just totally in love with the patchwork in blue.

    Just afraid of being disappointed, I guess.
  9. I own this in black on black. Its strap is long enough to go over your shoulder. Not to big or too small. Fits a med. to large make up, sun glasses, wallet any size, sunglasses, keys, cell, pen, check book, and I still have a little more room. As for secure. You can clip a wristlet with $ in it to the bag. You can fold the sides to one side and no one can reach in your bag. Its a great bag for every day!

  10. Ooooh, you're tempting me big time, :lol:

    Seriously, thanks so much for the info. I will probably give in, :roflmfao:
  11. Hi Jane Ann, I have to tell you that I have carried many of these Coach totes and they are some of my fav bags for comfort, size, abilitly to hold tons without feeling like a huge bag. I have never had any trouble with security either. Also, I happened to see this exact one when it came in special ordered at my local Coach store and it was stunning!!!!

    I have to say that the past patchwork have not been my taste, but this is truly beautiful! The pic does not do it justice. I predict these bags are going to fly out of the store. Because of that I ordered this color in the satchel style (because I have so many totes) and it is gorgeous!!! Don't know if this helps you at all, but I wanted you to know I had seen it in person. giselle
  12. I had always thought the patchwork's looked funny until i saw them in person and I adored it! When I saw that they were coming out with the indigo I really fell. If you think you will be loving it, go for it! I think I am holding out for a denim COACH bag myself.
  13. Yep, you are right, the double strap tote is #10002. I stopped by my local Coach last night and they did not have it in yet. They had special ordered one for another customer, but she had already picked it up from the store!

    It was available for order, but I didn't want to have to shell out for both, even though they know I will return one when I choose which one I want. I will just go back in early June and see for myself. It's only another month.

    I wish you well,

  14. Hi ladies,

    Thank you :heart: all SO MUCH for your very helpful responses. I am 99% sure I am going to order the bag. I probably won't be able to order it until next week, because I am on a family trip and don't really want to explain it to anyone. :yucky:

    Hopefully will still have it next week. It's not on the website yet, but they had it in stock the other day when I called.

    I'll let y'all know!

    Thanks again,

    Jane Ann :biggrin:
  15. I bought the Indigo of the Swing pack for my Mum for Mothers day a couple of weeks back. Its a nice way to get a piece of this fabric in a more economical version - its about $165 or so, I have 2 other swing packs and find them a great get up and go purse for quick jaunts where you dont want to haul a lot.

    I have the patchwork swing pack from last summer and its one of my favourite designs for a ..grab it quick and don't take much .. bag :smile: I use it all the time.

    Now the Indigo, I got to hug it and snug it before I wrapped it up to send to Mum - I think its terriffic. The colours will take you right through to the fall as well.

    When I starting to think about getting this for my Mom - her first Coach piece -- they told me at the Coach store that when the small catalogue comes out in the stores, they can order anything in it usually even if its not expected in stock for a few months -- so I took advantage of it and she got it for Mothers Day already. I saw that bright orange one in a Coach store this week so they are already starting to appear in the store - haven't seen the Indigo Tote yet though.

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