Coach purse for my daughter

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    I just bought this purse for my 15 yr old daughter I hope she likes it what do you all think? We have a coach outlet close by.:yes:

    Ohh and only for $119.00 plus tax
  2. I think she will LOVE this. By accident, I overheard a group of teenagers *longing* for this patchwork bag. One said they were asking for it for Christmas, and the others were saying that they wished *their mom would give them a bag like that. I even think it's really cute myself, and I'm an "older woman." :wlae:

    Therefore, I think you hit a homerun with this bag. :smile:
  3. What a great gift. I think she'll love it!
  4. aww thanks I cant wait to give it to her for christmas. The Chanel bag i bought on ebay bummed me out so bad but I did not let it spoil her getting a nice purse for christmas. Its not what she asked for but I hope she likes it thanks for letting me know what you heard from the other teens. She has over a dozzen purses but she is just starting this more expensive purse fancy of hers and it will be the first of her nicer collection. After looking at this forum I think I may of found a new purse fancy of my own. I now know what I want for christmas;)
  5. she'll love it! nice score from the outlet
  6. Nice bag!!! I am sure she will love it!
  7. What a generous mom you are, I'm sure that she will love it!
  8. Lovely bag!! I am sure she will love it.
  9. My mom got me the chocolate optic swing for christmas! the patchwork is cute if she likes that style of bags.