coach purple (eggplant) BROOKE

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  1. I have been searching all day for some info on this bag. Reading all the coach threads but not very good at navigating.Trying to find stores that ship to Australia . I know Amazon has some but have seen lots on ebay but may have stock photos don't think they are actual photos and plate inside seems to have same numbers.. Have checked feedback to see what might be legitimate . Also found the coach outlet. They are so much more expensive here. Some of you girls seem to find some great bargains. .can someone direct me.
  2. Aw I know what thats like, we are stuck in Okinawa, so my access to Coach is super limited, and we dont even have outlets, over here the "outlet" is like 3 X's the MSRP
  3. I would be very cautious of Amazon, they let lots of third party sellers in, seemingly without much vetting. And I would never buy from a seller that uses only stock photos, you need to see actual photos of the actual bag. You can get some good deals on ebay, or try bonanzle, but before you bid post the bag in the Authenticate This Coach thread to be safe. You can also check out the seller at to get more feedback info than ebay will show.

    On the creed inside the bags, those aren't unique to individual bags, the first series of letters and numbers shows the month and year the bag was manufactured, and the second series is the style number, so the same type of bag from the same time period will have identical creeds.

    The Brooke is a really nice bag, very soft and slouchy leather, and the extra side handles are a nice touch. The eggplant is a really dark purple, very pretty and more neutral than most purples. The bag is also very lightweight because of the minimal hardware. GL!