Coach purchases today

  1. I have to admit, this is my first time walking into a Coach boutique and buying something full-price :shame:! For some reason the previous seasons' items didn't work so well for me; some I liked (mostly hats) but not enough to pay retail, so I ended up getting them from the outlets. However, I walked into the boutique today, not expecting to come out of the boutique with much, and then I think my face was exactly like this when I saw the new 6x8 planner in buckskin! :wtf: I had been wanting to get a planner for a while, but somehow I wasn't sure about the colors from the past seasons. I'm also usually not a fan of contrast the usage of them on the other colors kind of put me off. But this one I looked, no contrast stitching and the color is just gorgeous! So it was perfect. I ended up also buying the pink flower charm for my Prada which works fab!:okay:

    Sorry for the lack of pictures...I had my digital camera, but my family who initially didn't see the point of having one became so dependent on it so now it is left at home while I am at school...I will post some pictures when I'll be on break in Feb! But for now I'm just so excited that I really can't wait until then to post!
  2. Oh, and I just looked at the planner in buckskin at the Coach website, and somehow it has contrast stitching? Do they come out in two different kinds? But I guess as long as mine doesn't have the contrast stitching it doesn't really matter :nuts:

    And I heard the bronze/gold planner is now in the outlets? I kind of forgot how it looked like IRL, so I don't know; how do you ladies think the metallic will hold up? I should probably just have one planner so I am currently debating which one might be the better choice ;) But the buckskin is truly gorgeous, and the SA who helped me was super nice!
  3. I love that flower! I got it the other day. Enjoy it!
  4. That flower is so pretty! Enjoy!
  5. I ended up also buying the pink flower charm for my Prada which works fab!:okay:

    I want that flower key fob SO bad...but I just bought a bag and a wallet today (and am bidding on one more bag), so I just can't bear the expense right this minute. BOO! :crybaby: