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  1. Hi Dont mind me I'm here to spam ya
  2. I did this for an iPod and had to have something like six other people sign up. I was short one person so I never got my iPod but I'm not sure if I trust the handbag ones. I guess we'll all find out soon! Make sure you post pictures when you get yours.
  3. don't fall for it
    all those "free" things are total scams.
  4. I don't get it...

    ... Oh well...

  5. It was just spam, Texas Girlie. One of those "enter your zipcode here and take our survey and do 50 platinum offers and we'll send you a free coach bag". One of the mods I guess axed the post. Spammers suck.:cursing:
  6. Oh... got it! Thanks... lol...
  7. Wow, this kind of stuff happens EVERYWHERE! Thank you for the warning, whoever caught it!!
  8. They are a pain but I find it funny when I read the edited "don't mind me, I'm a spammer" The mods are gooood!
  9. Hi fellow Coach lovers,

    I just wanted to clarify, for the record, that I was not here to SPAM anyone! I am a SAHM on a limited budget who has two little ones and a new home in PA (read: house poor!). I happen to LOVE Coach too and just recently visited the Lahaska outlet in this past Feb. I wanted to buy a new white spring bag but the Mia Satchel in brown pebbled antique leather caught my eye! After much consideration ($246 was going to be the most money I’d ever spent on ANY accessory) I bought it and am loving it every day!

    So, to cure my Coach fix and prevent me from going back to that outlet, I thought I’d check out the promotion. For 13 dollars, I figured I’d give it a try and see what I get. I read all the terms, set up a throwaway email, etc. So I will post a pic in a few months when I get the Katy tote – whether is real or not!

    Thanks for letting me voice my opinion!
  10. ... and I have to add that I am glad the mods are looking out for spammers and other nonsense. But I was not here to spam, just to inform, that's all.

  11. ...actually it was only 6 offers and 1 referral. The bag's not free - I spent only $13.00 in offer fees. Plus my throwaway email is receiving spam but I don't care since I'm abandoning it anyway.

  12. Hi LaurenAshley - Do you know if other people successfully completed the offers and get the iPod? You're right - I will find out eventually. I will def. post pics when I receive my Katy tote in about 3 months.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.