Coach Private Sale 11/10-11/18

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  1. I got a call and an invite in the mail for this event-25% off all items I think. The only limit it had is that it's not good at the outlets.
  2. is this at all coach stores? does it include dept like macys? thanks!
  3. All full-price stores, no dept. stores.
  4. As per another thread, they are sending them to people who shop more at the outlets to entice them to shop in the full price boutiques.

    Normally, they don't send the PCE cards to the customers who only shop in the outlet. Sales are sluggish right now and stock is way down. They're pretty desperate to get full price store sales which don't do as well as the outlets.
  5. do I need the card/invite to get the 25% off? or does everyone automatically get the discount? thanks!
  6. You will need a card. It will be a lot harder to get this 25% if you don't have one.
  7. On the back of the card it said the discount is only on Winter 07 items or something like that and doesn't include special orders. Maybe I read it wrong or i'm just crazy. Theres so much stuff I want to get.
  8. ^^Ah yes, you're right. I didn't see that-it is only for Winter 07 items. It also doesn't look like you can use it online.
  9. What exactly do the "winter" items include? I would love to get a gold sig stripe tote.
  10. Yea, but the PCE always says no special orders either and the girls always let me place distribution orders.
  11. I hope so, otherwise theres almost nothing I want.I'm going there Sunday to ask some questions and scope things out so i'll see then.
  12. yeah, we always allow orders at our store.
  13. Will I be able to use the 25% off on shoes or sneakers? There considered winter '07 right?
  14. I went there yesterday and pretty much everything in the store gets the 25% off with the invite,i got the coach shoe flats.
  15. I didn't get an invite...bummer. I got the PCE invite in September, so I was hoping I would get something now.

    Can some generous soul please scan their coupon and attach? Maybe I can bring it into Coach and sweet talk or get Nordies to match or something...

    thanks in advance!!!