Coach print going the other way...

  1. I noticed this on these two bags online...the Soho Signature Satchel and the Penelope Signature Satchel...look at the sides...print is going sideways...not sure i'm liking that.

    Probably makes me picky...but whenever I see the sideways siggy print, I think FAKE...and here it is...on a real bag...

  2. Ohh, I agree. I think fake when I see that, too.
  3. Oh GOD!!! Why did they do that!!!!???? That's the first thing I would think if I saw that bag ... That's a shame...To buy an authentic bag that (IMO) looks fake on the shelf? UGH!! I hoep noone buys it lol!!! :heart: Emmy
  4. ITA. :wtf: It has the aura of a fake bag.
  5. Esp on the end seams, where the Cs do not line up perfectly. Dopes.
  6. ok - glad to hear I'm not the only one who finds this odd...

    my guess is...the siggy print goes sideways on the lower sides of the bag AND underneath (that being all 1 piece of fabric)

    after I noticed that...totally turned me off on the bag. and I really, really liked both those bags to begin with.
  7. I agree at first it looks strange, but if you notice the side and top piece are all one piece of fabric - so when that piece gets to the top the print is inline with the front and back pieces of the bag. Am I making sense? Maybe that's why they did it that way - if they tried to line it up on the sides then it wouldn't line up on top, just because of the design/construction of the bag.

    Just a thought - I'm no expert though.:shrugs:

  8. I am pretty new to coach and have started a small collection since Dec :love:
    I have read enough to learn how to identify a fake coach too..first rule, the C must be symmetrical and should be double C unless it is at a seam or joint. Looking at the side lower corner, there is only single C. This is really strange.
  9. i was eyeing this in the store- until i noticed that. the ocd in me just couldn't get over it!
  10. i dont see

    yea about the c's matching up..i hate it when they dont match up. it looks like a fake. esp. for the kate shoes, the c's dont match up at all! and same with the mini skinny in punch. it bothers me a little
  11. dewdrop,

    oh my world! i was thinking the same thing when i first saw it online.

    your fan,
    Cha Cha