Coach Pricing help

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  1. Does anyone here remember how much this went for at the outlets?


    It's the medium size. Thanks!
  2. I believe I got mine (white and pink) in the large one for around 110 or so dollars.

    So the medium should be around 90 something. I hope that helped.
  3. Also, if you're in PA and you go to Penn's Purchase, (I was there like a week or 2 ago) there should be small white and pink ones as well as purple ones.

    But I don't think I saw that color. I saw the purple one in medium though. I'm not sure they still have it, so maybe you should call ahead.

    I might also be going to the outlet again soon, so I will let you know if something like that is there.
  4. I remember the small ones were 100 or so...maybe 90? And this was a couple weeks ago. I didn't want it, but, my friend did, and that's what she told me when she was looking at it when she took the percentage off of the orginial price ( I wanna say it was 20% off?) Sorry, I just can't remember :sad:
  5. Thank you both! It's very helpful! I'm trying to gauge the pricing and availability of this bag and decide if I should get it off eBay (it has the outlet sign on the inner leather tab so I'm good with that). Thanks you both!
  6. Was this long ago when you got it? I really thought they'd be all gone from the outlets by now!
  7. No not long ago at all! I just got it 1 1/2 weeks ago or so. They have the style but it's limited. You should call the outlet closest to you!
  8. I got mine for $77.99 over July 4th weekend.
  9. I'm excited to hear this! There's still some at the outlets and it's much cheaper too! Wow! I'm going to one soon. They may not have it but at least I know the price range so I crossed off eBay for this particular bag. Thanks!
  10. $110 sounds about right to me, but it might've had a 20% discount on top, too.
  11. That's what I was thinking. I know that they always have a seciton with 20% off. Thanks girl!