Coach Prices

  1. I went to Coach yesterday to get the new cataloge and I must say, none of the new stuff is jumping out at me. The only bag I gasped over was 798$ !!!!!!!

    I thought the 700$ Legacy was a one time thing but it looks like the higher pricetags are here to stay. A lot of the stuff in this cataloge seems overpriced.

    So much for "somewhat affordable"
  2. I agree. I have kinda lost my facination with Coach this past season. Now when I think about purchasing one I see it as "if I save for a little longer I can get such and such bag (LV-Chanel-Fendi)".
  3. yah, This is not a good strategy for Coach. :P
    They better lower their prices soon.
  4. That's why I never buy Coach that's not on sale or from an outlet ... it's just not worth it anymore!
  5. The large Legacy I could understand. It was Leather and HUGE but the one's I am seeing now are Daphne size or smaller. It's sad that they cant seem to stay in the 300-400$ range with their "it" bags.
  6. I love the shoulder tote I just got (it was under $400) but I also do not get why the prices are so high, esp given their sourcing locations. If I am going to pay over $500 for a handbag, my preference is that is be manufactured in the USA or the EU.
  7. The only one I liked was the scarf print tote.
  8. This makes me so sad. .
  9. I so agree !

    But at this rate, maybe the outlet won't even be worth going to. Why bother, I could buy Louis Vuitton at this rate !
  10. This is the part that bugs me the most about their ever-increasing prices. I know they're not paying slave wages to their chinese workers, but I'm sure they're not paying what they would have to in the US or EU, so why the high prices? The bags are still very high quality, but they simply can't be so expensive to produce. Considering that Coach's growth has been insane over the last couple years (their profits doubled last year, IIRC), they're just getting greedy. If they keep the prices low imagine how much their sales might increase!
  11. :yes:
  12. Color me weird here, but I still believe in the quality of the items that Coach produces. I like leather bags, and they do great leather bags. I don't really see the greatness in products like LV (especially the monogrammed coated items, which only have leather handles) unless you consider the Suhali items. I have seen, felt, and owned a great deal of designer items, and I think alot of the other designers have some definite quality issues, especially considering the high price of their items. Coach may have released some items in the last year that have a higher price point than previous selections, but if you examine those items against current "it bags" and their relative prices/quality, I don't believe that Coach is out of line price-wise. Just my lonely opinion
  13. Their bags are fantastic but their accessories are low quality. I had my Coach keychain replaced three times (every 7-8 months it would break) and had my cell phone lanyard replaced once (again at the 7-8 month mark). It has deterred me from purchasing further ones.
  14. I Agree and disagree with you:P

    I agree Coach has great quality stuff. Thats why I buy it.
    However....I think this is more of a $ mark up, than a Quality increase. I would say the quality is the same, the prices are just rising out of control.

    I disagree with the LV comment. I have a 23 year old monogram bag that is in PERFECT condition. If a 700 bag is really going to last 20+ years its worth every penny. The coach bags that I have seen that are older than 10 years look really worn.
  15. The way I see it, Coach is looking at all these other new/hot/it lines getting big bucks for stuff, and figuring why not add stuff to their own lines in that price range to see what sells? I can't blame them for that. And they can't blame me for waiting until that same stuff hits the outlet for a much more reasonable price (IMHO). LOL