Coach prices going up up up?

  1. Hi, I am new here. I usually stick to the designer denim forums...

    I just got my new Coach catalog and like everyone else, I LOVE EVERYTHING in it! But their prices have gone through the roof. I bet their prices have gone up about $100 a bag on average over this time last year. When I got the spring and summer catalogs I even commented that boy, their prices are going up...
    Does anyone else agree with me? Know why?
    I love Coach but without that 25% discount coupon I dont know that I can make any purchases... and I make a decent living. I just cant justify it.
    (It doesn't help that I want the Legacy Leather Satchel at $698.)
  2. but i thought the higher prices were just because it's the legacy collection? so maybe once it's not 'anniversary' stuff, it'll go back down?
  3. actually their prices are somewhat up, and somewhat the same.

    the framed french purse (wallet) in there, the striped version is 188, same as a regular leather french purse with a buckle. the legacy version of that is 10 dollars more at 198, so not too bad.

    the satchel at 698 is a lot like the daphne (i can't spell =P) bags that came out last year, but the size i haven't seen in person yet, but it's smaller i believe.

    the mandy courier is 798, and that one i can't remember if that's the same price as the legacy pocket tote or not (which is the earlier version of the mandy courier)

    the smaller version of the mandy courier is priced at 398 style#10328, which isn't bad since the smaller version of the pocket tote was 498.

    the prices are too strange for even me to explain, i really don't think that the prices are higher on some, but on others they are.
  4. I've noticed that their prices seem to be a little higher. I love the Legacy collection but the one I want is close to $1,000 and I just can't justify spending that on a Coach bag when I can get a Louis Vuitton for that price you know?
  5. Their prices are definitely going up!
  6. I've noticed their prices going up too! I remember looking at the tag on a pewter colored Chelsea last year and couldn't believe my eyes! It was $498 and it wasn't much bigger than a demi! I absolutely love their stuff, but I simply cannot afford as much now as I would have with their price point from several years ago. :sad:
  7. when the reversible striped tote came out, i noticed that the small one was $218, but two weeks later, the price shot up to $268. supply and demand, probably.
  8. Yes they are getting more expensive, but it really depends on the line and style. Like the Legacy line is going to be more because of "limited addition anniversary stuff", possibly demand.
  9. totally.

    that tote did a lot better then coach expected to a point where we sold out and could not accomindate (sp) the customers.

    the bracelets i was looking up on the computer lists the price cheaper then what they're going to sell for too. can't remember exactly the difference but i know it was definitely cheaper.
  10. I do feel like the prices are going up overall!
  11. i think the legacy line is nice but its very expensive in comparison
    also, COach prices overseas, e.g. in Asia ARE higher already about 25-35% higher? and there are no coach outlets over there (in Malaysia at least) so in Malaysia, it's considered rather high end? I couldnt believe the prices when I got over here! esp with the outlet and everything..hehe
  12. i know that coach is getting alot more costly as compared to a few years back.
  13. It definitely went up. Can't remember which bag now but I remember thinking to myself 2 years ago it was $168 and now it's $198. Some are probably due to inflation but still.....LOL.