Coach Preferred Customer

  1. The invite came today with 25% off from June 7-11.
  2. lucky you, i never get those!
  3. Can those be used for the clearance items?
  4. I didn't receive one of those yet but if there is anything I want I will go to my s/a and beg!
  5. How do you become a preferred customer and get a discount like that?
  6. ^^ They have a weird way of doing it that's completely random at best. There have been some ladies who've bought TONS of Coach and not been put on the list and then others who've bought one thing and made it on the list.

    If you don't get one in the mail, just ask. Sometimes you'll get a nice SA who will give you one anyway :smile:
  7. I've never gottten one of those but then again I've only bought a few things from the outlets totalling a staggering $100! I'm suprised I'm not VIP! lol
  8. does anyone have the 25% coupon they're not using? there's a cute little summer bag i'd love to buy.... :smile:
  9. you are so lucky! enjoy!
  10. No, summer 2006 items only. :hrmm: I wanted to pick up some of those cute sandals that are only $39.

    I got my first one yesterday. I don't know what I want to buy, but I'm going to get something. Apparently, if you use one every time you get one, they keep sending them to you! :biggrin:
  11. I usually buy my coach stuff at the outlets too (I NEVER pay full price for coach), but I had a store credit of $328 I got when they couldn't fix one of my bags. I guess that's how I got it.
  12. I received one of those coupons for an April sale;however I never used it. A friend of mine went and she said that everything Spring was on sale for 25% off and you did not need the coupon.
  13. I always get a rhinestone keychain with my coupon and I've never seen those on sale which is why I use the coupon!
  14. Anotheremptysky, I just bought 2 pairs of those sandals in blue and pewter and I love them so much! I'm going back today to the coach store and thinking about buying another pair of summer sandals from them.
  15. I got this coupon too. So what exactly do they mean by summer 2006 items? Only things that are in the catalog or anything that's NOT on sale?