Coach Preferred Customer event

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  1. Those of you who got invites, what are you plan on getting?

    I might check out the legacy tote which is the only thing I want right now from Coach.
  2. ehh..maybe a scribble tote or hamptons weekend tote...something large and cute for spring/summer classes.
  3. :sad2: What does one need to do to become a "preferred Customer"?

    In the past two months I have bought:
    1 Coach Scarf Print tote
    1 Coach Sig Demi
    2 ID Lanyards
    1 Key Chain
    1 Daisy Charm

    Total over $700 over 4 different trips!
  4. I was in a Coach store yesterday, and was going to ask about the coupon, and then I figured if they give me one I would end up buying something next week and that would NOT ;) be good for me.... I was, however, wondering if this in an in-store only event, or if it is good for online purchases as well?
  5. If I get one (which I probably will), I'm not allowed to buy anything, which sucks. Unless I can convince my mom to let me use it to buy the gold clutch that they have.
  6. Coach sent me the coupon and called me! I'll probably go on the first day it can be used, the 22nd. My daughters like Coach....especially the rhinestone key chains.
  7. Coach also called me too about the event. I think you can actually go to the store and ask them for a coupon and they may give you one. In addition, if you sign up for their email list I think you get put on the list of contacts for events such as this.
  8. they were mailed last week and the event starts next week.

    the last time they sent them out was during christmas and (in my store at least), they were very strict about letting people reuse them, etc. i had forgotten my coupon and the only reason she let me use someone elses was because she looked in this big book and found my name...i don't know how much you have to spend to get one, or even how long you have to be a customer.

    i don't know if it has anything to do with signing up for the mailing list or not...i just know that i've been getting these coupons forever...
  9. Ive bought about $2000 worth of coach in the last 6 months, so where is my invite?:crybaby: :crybaby:
  10. Okay....saw this at the top and was like "d*mn....people got invites already?!?" Then I looked at the date and all was back right with the world.....and Mellbella78, the PCE is completely random. If you search for some other threads about PCE I'm sure you'll get up to speed on the ins and outs of it.
  11. damn i might have to convince some SAs to let me use a coupon
  12. i better get one i ordered over 800 in the last 2 months there....
  13. Oh yeah, this is an old thread isn't it?? Haha,, sorry for the mix up. (but I still better get one!!) :P
  14. I keep saying, I really don't think the PCE is completely random. Both myself, and another forum member have gotten phone calls from our SA's telling us that they had sent us a PCE card and to watch for it in the mail. And I seem to get one every time they have an event, at least to my knowledge. It just doesn't sound random to me.