Coach Preferred Customer Event 25% in June

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  1. Hello! Everyone! I am a newbie...;)

    I was in a Coach store yesterday and SA told me they will have the PCE around 2nd week of June (but she doesn't know the exact date though).
    Just give you a head up for those of you want to get Coach bags during PCE - 25% off!
  2. Thank you for the heads up and welcome :woohoo:
  3. Thanks Catlover...and glad you joined tPF :yes:
  4. do they check if youre a preferred customer?
  5. How do u become preferred bc I spend a lot of money in there but dn't think I am preffered?
  6. I am not sure how to become a Coach "Preferred Customer". I guess they track you how much you spent on Coach and invite those so call "Preferred Customer". Whnever SA ask your name and address for the record, I guess it's better to give out your info so you will have better chance to receive the invitation.
  7. diamond_lover:
    Coach sent out PCE invitations to their preferred customers. People with this invitation will receive 25% off for the entire purchase. I heard even you don't have the invitation, if you go to the store during the event and ask nicely, you may also get the discount.
  8. give it another week or so and the coach forum will have a million of these threads.

    pce is a random invite most of the time anyways, minus the top buyers in each store. so you're not really guaranteed an invite each pce.

    BUT, if you have a regular sa, don't worry about getting the card in the mail- they'll usually take care of you. if not, it's still worth asking about.