Coach Preferred Customer 25% Off

  1. :yahoo: Just received the postcard today from Coach announcing 25% off total purchase during their Early Spring event days (2/16-2/24). :yahoo: Like all previous preferred customer events, you will need to bring your card to the store to redeem the offer.

    Looks like I will be making a run to Coach this weekend to pick up some key fobs as giveaways for my friend's bridal shower.
  2. That is a wonderful idea! Fobs as shower favors. Brilliant! You are a lovely friend!:tup:
  3. I didn't get my card yet. Do they send them to every preferred customer whenever there's an event?
  4. ^I'm not sure, but I've gotten the 25% card three times in the past 2-3 months.
  5. Does anyone have a card that they are not using? I would LOVE to have one!!!!:graucho:
  6. Ditto! If you have an extra, please PM me! :yes:
  7. I would love one, too, if anyone has an extra! Thanks!
  8. me four.. i would love to have one.. :yes:
  9. hmm, can anyone help me get anything? ;( I'm not in usa!
  10. Just go to the store and tell them you didn't get a postcard but you normally do. They usually honor the 25% off. It does help if the SA know you.

    I know the SA in a store near me and he will give me the 25% off just because he knows me.
  11. Is this card for regular retail stores, or is it a PCE for factory outlet stores only?
  12. Good question! Didn't think it might be for the outlet. Usually get for the regular store 4 times a year and the next one usually comes I thing next month. You would think I know been getting them for years.
  13. If anyone is not using there cards, may I please have it? I will pay for postage. PM me please. Thanks.
  14. It is for full priced stores only. :yes: