Coach pouches

  1. I am tninking about buying the Coach Hampton Leather Signature Pouch and i was wondering does any one own a pouch. I was wondering could you tell me can it fit on your shoulder. If you could post a pic of it on your shoulder or next to something for i could get a reference to how big it is.
  2. Most have very short drops and are better for in-hand when you are out.
  3. Honestly I own a couple of pouches and they just dont fit over my shoulder. I am 5'8 and 135-140 so it is not that I am huge, it just doesnt fit! If it did my arm would have to stick out on my sides!
  4. IMHO the pouches are way too small to wear over a shoulder. I don't think you could wear it over your shoulder unless you were a toddler! Mine fits in my gallery tote that I carry to work and if I need to run into the grocery store on the way home, I pull the pouch out and only take that into the store. I've also taken it to a reception - but it's not really a purse.... I've got the black one though and I love it!
  5. Thanks this helps alot. I dont carry big bags and i dont know exactly what size bag would be right since there is not a coach store/outlet near me.
  6. I'm not a "big bag" person also. I looked at the pouches when I first got into Coach but they are really too small to use on the shoulder if you are of normal size or above. A demi might work. I almost bought a denim Carly demi but opted to get a bigger bag instead. I like the "medium" sized bags as most of the "large" bags are too big for my taste.
  7. There are a couple of very small bags that are considered handbags and might work better. I think these are actually meant to be worn over your shoulder. Style #10120 comes in signature with mahogany, gold, or black and might work. There is also style #11042 that is a hampton's bag and has about a 6.5" drop. You could look online or even call customer service and ask about smaller bags. They should be able to help you and give you shoulder strap measurements. There actually seem to be a lot of smaller bags. I have a hard time finding ones that are large enough for all my stuff.